i made my terrerium today

Plano, TX

i made one with cacti so didn't cover it since don't want extra moisture

made one with a little cottage scene and woodland plants (i also posted about it in the tiny garden section )
and one in a tall vase with a taller plant -a young elephant ear type (arrow plant?)

i was looking thru old magazines and found another idea --a beach scene-- a crockery type bowl-it was blue and the top layer was sand--they had a peice of drift wood and sea shell and a little patch of grass -the tall wispy yellow beach type grass--very pretty

and i maybe will think on a zen garden scene some time too-anyone try that yet?

South, TX

Wonderful ideas! I can't wait to see photos!

(Taylor) Plano, TX(Zone 8a)

pictures, please!

Plano, TX

wellllllllllll--i am having a little problem with my terrariums--the dessert one is doing fine but the woodlands and tall one are looking a little sad--i did everything right i believe and am keeping them in the right place --but i just took little plants from my yard and maybe that is the problem or that i need to give it more time--they are just kind of not doing great--in fact a few have bit the dust
i just know you all have the answers! thanks for any help!
and thanks for asking about the terrariums!

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