Tomato leaves turning black, curling

Whitman, MA

in the center of this shot, you can see how the branch has almost snapped itself off. the leaves of a few of my plants are turning black, and curling. they are not dry, they're still moist to the touch. from what i've researched, it doesn't look like classic fusarium wilt, or bacterial canker, or other problems...i have not been able to pinpoint what it is. can anyone here help? are these plants doomed?

i'd like to add that we've had a lot of cloudy and rainy days lately. i doubt over-watering is the problem, but i wanted to mention it.

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Whitman, MA

i pulled this branch from a neighboring plant. maybe the beginnings of the same problem?
i didn't see this stuff 2-3 days ago, when we had a break in the rain, and i went out inspecting. i have found some aphids on the plants, but that doesn't look like aphid damage to me.

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Craig, CO(Zone 3b)

There is a thread about yellow tomato leaves that has some good links to pictures of tomatoes. Maybe that will help you diagnose your problem.

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

My first thought was spider mites. When we had such rainy, cloudy, humid days, I was battling them. Do you see any type of webbing or small almost invisible spider creatures?

Whitman, MA

I have not seen any webbing, or small spiders, no. Then, i read somewhere, that there's a thin line between an insecticidal soap, and a plant killing herbicide...and i thought...
Weds, when i saw aphids had in fact found my tomato plants...wifey mixed up a solution of warm water and dish soap, which i sprayed on any plants i saw the aphids. Saturday, those plants looked like the ones in the photos. Could i be killing off my plants by using too much soap maybe? in trying to get rid of the aphids, am i doing more harm than good?? OUCH!
here i am trying to diagnose the problem...and maybe I AM the problem??? !!!

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

When are you watering? If you're watering in the morning and the water stays on the leaves during the day, that could be causing them to burn. Spray either late at night (around dusk) or very, very, very early in the morning.

Joliet, IL

Depends on the soap
try useing a white bar soap water mix.
i wouldnt use dish soap

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