Barley Balls

Blytheville, AR(Zone 7a)

Has anyone had any experience with barley balls? A friend gave me one and do they really work at clearing the water? Guess I'll find out in a couple weeks. I don't have a filtration system so it has a job to do. Laverne

New Hampshire, NH(Zone 5b)

Some people swear by them (myself included). Others don't find them as effective. I'm sure there are a number of factors coming into play with the varying results (such as filtration). I have read that they are most effective when introduced to the pond early in the season before algae has a chance to start growing. I've also read that they are more effective when placed in a location where the water is constantly moving through it - such as in a filter or under a waterfall. I drop mine in my filters and within 2-3 days notice dramatic results.

Blytheville, AR(Zone 7a)

Thanks for the info. It is in the water now, close to where the water is recirculated in the pond. My pond is in the shade so there isn't a trememdous amount of algae growth. Maybe it will be just the ticket.. Laverne

Kingston, OK(Zone 7a)

You might jump start the process by adding one pint of peroxide to 1000 gal's of pond water.
That is what the barley bales do anyway when they start to break down.

Blytheville, AR(Zone 7a)

Ok, I will do that. Thanks TA

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