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Stupid Poem or Unintended Consequences

Raleigh, NC

Woke up today feeling bad because I'm taking antibiotics for a suspicious and infected tick bite. Tried to get out of bed, but was covered with a (formerly feral) dog and cat. Went into the kitchen to make coffee, and discovered a mouse in the trap. Went outside to water a plant and was accosted by a not-so-friendly garden snake. Chased a squirrel out of the garden, and a chipmunk out of the chicken coop. A hawk buzzed over (no doubt eyeing the chickens). Slapped 10,000 mosquitos off my legs. Staked up what's left of an azalea munched by a deer. Surveyed the damage to the hostas in the overnight rabbit bitzkrieg. Tried to use water from the rain barrel to water, but couldn't because a bird has built her (presumedly) second nest on the gutter pipe above the barrel. Went back inside for water. Found another mouse in a trap. Sat down and wrote this silly poem. And, no, I don't live in a shack, nor in the country, but in a perfectly nice home in an urban area. But I do garden organically, and provide as much habitat as I can for wildlife. And this is the thanks I get (I can hear the animals laughing...!). Sigh.....

There's mice in the kitchen and voles in the corn,
Deer eat the lawn,
And mosquitos are the norm.
I've fought them and fought them,
but can't seem to win--
The animals just think
my home and garden are for them!
Ticks and spiders and hawks,
Oh my!
You'd think this was Africa,
the critters I spy.
I've always lived by "live and let live."
But enough is enough,
Who let them all in?

Raleigh, NC

Ok, having said all that, I must say that I do love watching all these "critters," and, frankly, they WERE here first! But occasionally, I wonder what it would be like to live in a clean, pet-hair free home, where pesticides have eradicated the ants and skeeters, and clear-cutting has ended the ticks' and squirrels' homesteading. Where birds don't poop on the car and deer shy away. Where a cherished flower is not eaten for dinner. A home so clean and tight that mice cannot come in, nor do they want to. I wouldn't want to stay in such a home very long, but maybe I could just go there for a vacation.....

Sioux Falls, SD

Love the poem, and I know exactly how you feel !! I , too am an animal lover , and there are times , when my husband, after hearing me rant about damage, asks if I want to put a hit out for the rabbits. Believe me , I have been tempted!

Milford, CT(Zone 6a)

that's good stuff. made my day. Sounds like my typical suburban morning....wouldn't trade it for the world. I'd go on vacation, but who'll feed the deer while i'm away?

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