We are winning awards!!

Seattle, WA

I'm in the Garden Watchdog with two awards for specialization!

Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center is in the Top 5 in Garden Decor and Evergreens (my fave for mini gardening!) Who would have thunk?

It looks like our wee hobby is growing!! Keep mini gardening everyone!


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South, TX

Is this in your town? I don't understand, but it sound good!

Seattle, WA

Hi Sallysblooms!

I guess in my excitement, I skipped the details!

My company, Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center, is in the Top 5 Garden Watchdog from Dave and won an award for Garden Decor and for Evergreens.

It really means that our hobby, Miniature Gardening, is getting noticed by the industry as being a viable form of gardening! We are no longer a passing fancy, we are a garden trend that is here to stay.

And it wasn't just me either - without this group, and all your contributions, we have all made it happen. People are noticing our work...

Thank you!

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Plano, TX

congratualtions!! what fun! i always loved little things--kept picking up doll houses, etc for my kids when they were little--

South, TX

I see now. That is wonderful. What a gorgeous picture! Do you have a website or is it a store? Congratulations.

I have LOTS of flowers and a yard, african violets, orchids, etc, but I think gardening on a small scale is fun and possible for many people and magical for children. Even small gardens can be tiny or very large in area. Lots of possiblities.

Barnesville, GA(Zone 7b)

That picture is precious and YES, congratulations!! I've been mini-gardening for a while and have always been enchanted by miniatures if I can just keep the "grands" out :)

Framingham, MA(Zone 6a)

Congratulations!!!!! really a fun thing to do! which I had the time to do more!

(Taylor) Plano, TX(Zone 8a)

Hi Janit!


I've "seen" you around the forums, but didn't realize that you were associated with that company. I love your stuff!!

I remember when I first became interested in miniature gardens as an adult (I was always into dollhouse stuff as a kid) , I saw many of your gardens while googling, and they inspired me. IN FACT, they had a lot to do with what inspired me to ask Dave to start this forum! ;0)

So see? In a way this forum is here because of you.

Keep up the great work!

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Seattle, WA


I always wondered who was the one that petitioned for this forum. I think it was Donasdata (if I remember correctly) who told me of your efforts. Thank you for starting this!

And many thanks for the encouragement. I just get a real kick of inspiring people do mini gardens. I've had people literately cry with joy after seeing this idea - it is really more than just "a hobby!"

I want to do something fun for us as a reward for our efforts! Any ideas?

Thanks to all too! Without all of our efforts it wouldn't have happened! We are noticed!

Your fellow MG,
(Someone earlier in the thread asked about my company, its TwoGreenThumbs.com !)

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South, TX

I am the one that asked. I found your site. THANKS!

(Taylor) Plano, TX(Zone 8a)

Please tell us how you did that pool!!

Is it that 'Pour on' stuff? I bought a bottle of it to try, but haven't yet...

Seattle, WA

That pool was one of my first experiments in figuring out how to get the pond to last over time and in the weather.

I found the kidney shape in a plastic frozen food container, and cut it out of the tray. Then coated with outdoor grout, then sealed with marine paint. (You can get them to mix the marine paint in any color - I went for the Caribbean blue 'cause it looks sooo nice as a pool color!) The marine paint is the same as they use for the boats out here in Seattle, so I knew it would be completely waterproof.

This, of course, took way too much time and fiddling about! And the grout wouldn't stay stuck to the plastic.

I'm now painting terracotta ponds for my store, using the same marine paint for a "pool" - and painting into it with splatterings dark blues, dark and light greens to simulate the "pond" look. These ponds aren't deep enough to attract any mosquitoes, but can be filled with a little water so you can float a flower or a Lily-pad (a leaf) in it to push the cuteness over the top.

The picture below shows the new pools - and when painted into, become ponds:

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South, TX

Gorgeous pools! My gnome and fairies would love that, SO hot out!

(Taylor) Plano, TX(Zone 8a)

Those look great, and thank you for explaining the details! :0) That Caribbean blue was a perfect color choice!

have you ever tried that 'pour on' stuff? Just thinking that while you are in an experimental stage, you might try it.

It would give it a "permanent" water, and also keep the floating lily pads or whatever you used, right where you want them.

I've seen it done with little resin koi fish(which I am sure you can find wholesale) and a lily would be easy to make with a little fimo clay.


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South, TX

Yes, the pour on stuff with a tiny fish would be neat. The pools look so pretty.

(Taylor) Plano, TX(Zone 8a)

This stuff called water effects is supposed to take longer to cure than the 'Pour on" brand, so that you can "... use a paintbrush, toothbrush, or other tools to shape and texture the water."


(Taylor) Plano, TX(Zone 8a)

Ok, Janit...hope you don't mind me trying to help you brainstorm :0)

I found this image, googling...it is an image of an app for the iphone, but it got me thinking...

You could almost take blue aquarium rocks, or those flattened blue glass marbles, and then use the pour on stuff to get this same look(of the water reflections and ripples) , or the other idea that came to mind from this image is how nice the lily pads look with their shadows offset below them!!

If you stick with painting these, and you do some lily pads, the "shadow pad" helps make it look more realistic...

by the way, I went to a bookmark of mine tagged "koi", and it was your site, so I guess you already have a source for the koi, but when I typed it into the search box, I was no longer able to find it...

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Seattle, WA

Hi Taylor!

I have tried that pour-on stuff. I find it tends to turn yellow with sun/rain/freezing. I lean toward using the real things, and then trying to do them in miniature. The ponds can hold a bit of water which is always fun to play with, and gets a chuckle from who ever sees it! I have seen the fish sunk into the resin though - it's a great effect!

Thanks for that image - it's kinda like I've doing but I love the shadows of the lily pads! That pond bottom looks like something I want to dive into. I've included a picture of one of my ponds below where I try to give the illusion of the lily pads and pond scum, and still keep them at a reasonable price. ( The solid blue colored ones I call pools! )

My mini Koi are coming tomorrow - apologies! I haven't put them back in the store yet - they should be up there tomorrow with the new ponds. I got completely wiped out of both the other week and it took me awhile to get things back in order! My inventory changes from time to time to keep it interesting for both sides... !

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South, TX

I bet water in it looks great. Too bad that stuff yellows. I have seen it used on tabletops at restaruants. Neat stuff, but it was yellow.

(Taylor) Plano, TX(Zone 8a)

Good morning-
I'm glad to hear the koi are back! ;0)
If you set the koi in the water, will they stay upright?...do they float?

I had heard that about the yellowing of 'pour on', but I wonder if the 'Water effects' is different, since it is immediate use out of a bottle, and the pour on is a two part mix....hm...

I love the idea of a water feature in a miniature garden. I hear there is a nursery a couple of hours from me that has one set up with a working fountain. I'd love to find the time to make a trip there sometime this summer, and see it.

Seattle, WA

I'm back!!

And so are the Koi and the ponds now in stock in my store - Yay!

The Koi don't float in deeper water. I tested it as I didn't know! The ponds that I have are about 3/8" deep so it looks like the Koi are swimming.... (Koi are 5/8" long and made of resin - weatherproof too)

Now, I could just find that potion that Alice in Wonderland uses, I could go for a swim!!

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South, TX

They are so pretty.

Fresno, CA(Zone 10b)

I've just become interested in your miniature gardens....and I am soooo impressed...you have such wonderful ideas and the koi ponds are AMAZING...now that it's getting too hot out for me to work in the real garden, I think I'm going to start mucking about with fairie dust and plants...awesome stuff!

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