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New Pump

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

Ok I bought a new pump. The pond is about 450 gals or so. I have a 800gph pump and frankly I think it moves the water like a hurricane. So I decided to buy something smaller. I got one that is 300 gph.
The next one up was 650 but it wasn't made right to use with the filter box I bought. Will 300 be enough? I figure I can clean the filter out more often if needed, and be careful not to overstock my fish. I have 13 goldfish in it and I don't plan on any more. In fact might move some of those out later to another pond, one that doesn't exist yet lol.........

I bought a Little Giant, are those a good brand?

I bought a filter box, it is about 12x 18 and has two layers of filter pad in it with a top over it. Then I got a bubble discharge thingie that cost me $25!!! wowzers, I had to plop down $145 bucks just to walk out with all that stuff

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

Ok so I hooked all this money up lol and I LOVE it!
It moves the water nicely, makes a calm splashy water sound, not to gushy and not too tinkelly...
I just hope it will be large enough to keep it clean...

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