Hyacinth Bean

Rockford, IL

I was given about 2 dozen hyacinth beans. I have not been able to get them to germinate. I started a dozen 2 weeks ago. Nothing. I put them in peat pots with seed starting soil. I started a second batch this week. It has been 4 days and nothing yet. I only have a few left. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

Conneaut, OH(Zone 5a)

Soak the seeds in water with a splash of hydrogen peroxide and a drop of superthrive for 24 hours or more and plant them in sterile seed starter mix.Good luck,Edge

Rockford, IL

Thanks. I will try that.

Fair Play, SC(Zone 7b)

This is what I did and every seed sprouted. I mixed up a pot of miracle grow plant food and poured in a cup. Soaked the seed for 2 days in it, then planted in potting soil. Every seed sprouted in a few days. That was just 2 weeks ago and they are growing great. Mine are the White Hyacinth bean. Wish I could find the blue or purple ones.

mulege, Mexico

Check www.jlhudsonseeds.net. They have both purple and red, as well as white, listed.

Not this is a "net" address, not"com".


Rockford, IL

Thanks for the information. I will be ordering new seeds from the Hudson website as none of my seeds germinated. Thanks again everyone.

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