Pink Salvia-ID please

(Nadine) Devers, TX(Zone 9b)

I have had this salvia bloom pink in my gardens for atleast 7 years..I dont have a clue what the name of it is..Could someone ID it for me please?..

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London, United Kingdom

Can you describe the growth habit....height, and flowering period? What is the lowest temperature that you get?

First thought is a form of S. coccinea, but the flowers look wrong.

(Nadine) Devers, TX(Zone 9b)

The plant is about 2 feet tall..growing in full sun for about 6 hours a day. My lowest temps in winter time was average 32 degrees. attracts lots of bees..Been blooming for now 3 months..Highest temps so far has been 98 during the day.

DeLand/Deleon Spring, FL(Zone 8b)

I'm curious too......It's lovely.........

(Nadine) Devers, TX(Zone 9b)

got plenty of this stuff..I am going to pot some pink...

Candor, NC

We are in our first hot spell here in North Carolina, and my Salvia coccinea Brenthurst look a lot like that. In this heat, the best views of sage flowers is in the early morning, before the heat and the bumblebees mess them up.

Whiteside County, IL(Zone 5a)

The one I bought this year listed as "Nymph Coral" looks very pink like this, not like most of them I've seen listed as coral nymph…

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DeLand/Deleon Spring, FL(Zone 8b)

Mrs Ed...I think that one looks more like Brenthurst.

Candor, NC

Are there any good ways to tell apart the bicolored shrimp pink coccineas? What other ones are there besides Coral Nymph and Brenthurst?

The first one I know of was brought by Holly Shimazu of the US Botanical Garden quite some time ago from a botanical garden in Harare, Zimbabwe. I think it was in the late 70s or early 80s.

Hot Springs, AR(Zone 7b)

Just got FYI news from a friend who gave me this long time ago..called Coral Nymph.

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