It's different this year

Christiansted, VI(Zone 11)

I've been living right in the middle of the Hurricane Road for more than twenty years, so I've watched the weather rather closely. It's simply acting differently this year.

NE Medina Co., TX(Zone 8a)

In what way, Melissa?

Christiansted, VI(Zone 11)

Oh. Hi, Linda.

I live where, in the summer and fall, we watch rain coming eastward off Africa, called waves. Sometimes these waves become stronger, and turn into storms or hurricanes.

But, anyway, there is usually rain on the leading edge of these waves. This year, so far, the rain we've gotten has come up from South America, and combined with rainy bits coming south east off, Georgia, sort of, and our rain has been coming from the west, instead of the east.

And now I'm unhappily watching a huge dust cloud that's come off Africa, the Sahara Desert, and will be here in another two days or so. Sometimes this gritty dry poisonous and germ filled dust is as thick as light fog.

But the main thing, is the backwards rain, and the tropical waves that have been losing their moisture before they get here, instead of raining more.

Maybe I should quit watching the weather, news and everything else! Tra lah! I'd be a happier idiot! and unprepared.

OK, how is it where you are?

NE Medina Co., TX(Zone 8a)

We have had a bad drought, 2 years now. And real hot lately. I wonder...sometimes I believe the weather forcasters want to give us a little something to hope for, so they raise our hopes when there wasn't that much chance of rain in the first place. I could do without that!

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