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Napolean NZ6000 Not Very Good

Regina, Canada

I spent a ton of money on this fireplace . Its definately not the cheapest unit out there . While it does burn great and looks fine, it operates far from what is advertised.

First and foremost, the airwash system that is supposed to keep the glass clean does not work. Also, they say that you can operate the fireplace with the doors open and it will not bring smoke back into the room . These are the two features that sold me on this unit.

We have brought this forward to our retailer and the Napolean rep has apparantley been avoiding us like the plaque.

I can express my disappointment any more.

Has anyone else had these problems ?



i don't know if your still watching this tread but, if you are i would apperciate it if you could pass on what your outcome was with your NZ600 was.

i have recently have installed one and am have the same trouble.


in fact, now that i look at this forum a little better, has anyone one else out there have this trouble with this fireplace??


Somerset, NJ

I have had the NZ6000 for 1 year now and am experiencing the same thing with the air wash. The most creosite collect s on the top corners. Napoleon has also given me the run-around. Try using very dry wood and make sure you get the box heated nicely prior to putting it on low. I also run mine for 15 to 20 minutes with the doors open to let the fire get going fiercely, prior to closing the doors. Then I leave it on high for another 10 mintues and then lower the setting. This will help in keeping the glass cleaner not clean. I also have a problem with the doors not aligning in the center. The left one bows out in the center and the right has the welded middle bar angled inward which leaves some play on the door when completely shut. This causes air to seep into the firebox from the room. I can hear the air hissing.
Regarding the smoke, make sure that you put the lever on high for a few seconds and then open the doors slightly, wait a few second to let the air stablize and then slowly open the doors, without breathing :). Unfortunately this is the only thing that you can do other than opening the baffle which will let the hot air escape and unfortunately cause some smoke to seep in when you close it, because it will cause the air to move around the firebox erratically. Sometimes when I load the firebox I only open the right hand side door which helps with the smoke if the fire is not lit nicely. ususally if the fire is going good i don't get smoke in the room if I am careful in opening the doors.

Miramichi, Canada

Yes I also got riped off and bought a NZ6000 2 years ago and its about to be for sale or just thrown outside. I've tried dry wood, green wood and all types of wood and it always smokes up the glass and even sometimes the house.
Don't buy this!!! (unless you see mine for sale on some web site.. lol)

v9n3p7, Canada

My advise if you bought a NZ6000 start a lawsuit. You only have 2 years in Canada to sue the company in small claims court. I have been completely jurked around by Napoleon I am going to Sue them in BC supreme court for $40,000 . I had an artist do the most fantastic stone work around it now I have to tear it all appart and get a new fireplace. Everytime I open the doors tons of smoke and ask come into the house. The doors caved in. The front grill has broken 3 times the thermostat never worked. Airwash does not work. The Idot Napoleon rep told me I was not keeping the fireplace hot enough. When you sue them I think it has to be under wolf steel Ltd. There should be a president in a couple of years in BC supreme court. I think there was a class action suit in the US on this fireplace it is so bad.

Renfrew, PA

Wow, the dealer who sold us our fireplace, keeps saying the chimney needs to be higher. He's told me the chimney may never work right and it might be the position of the fireplace on the house. Can this be true? He's already added 3' on to the chimney height, no difference. His install crew never wired properly so some of the features don't work, still working with them on that.

This is our second winter with this unit and everything the dealer has done (at his cost) has not made a lick of difference. Doors are always black, smokes like a fiend whenever you open the doors, or you must have a roaring fire to burn with doors open and this only works for about 15 minutes at a time. My house smells like a bonfire all the time. Also when mine heats then cools, it makes a loud noise (boom) as it expands and contracts. And the fan, I've never heard anything louder.

My contractor talked us into this, I just wanted a beautiful fireplace to enjoy. This is definitely not it! I would replace this THING if I could afford it, but like Chopper10, I have beautiful granite flagstone around it, just can't imagine what it would take to disassemble and replace. . . . . I've thought of a lawsuit.

v9n3p7, Canada

They tried the same thing here my chimney is 7 feet above my roof did not do any better. Not your installers fault they stove does not work period. Sue them and ask for the money to replace the rockwork thats what I am doing.

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