Adenium seedlings

Copenhagen, Denmark(Zone 7b)

I like watching Adenium seedlings grow and develop so differently. I did some pruning/leaf removal on some of them to promote branching.



Thumbnail by MartinDK
Copenhagen, Denmark(Zone 7b)

And more...

Thumbnail by MartinDK
Copenhagen, Denmark(Zone 7b)


Thumbnail by MartinDK
Copenhagen, Denmark(Zone 7b)

And finally...

Thumbnail by MartinDK
Jacksonville, FL(Zone 9a)

Those little ones are so cute!


, WI

I love them they crack me up....I just up'ed my little guy in its pot today... I am gonna do some more tommorow...You have some great ones..:) Barb

Decatur, GA

You have some great looking plants. I am wondering what your plans are for them all.
Anyway, I have a question. Do you thinking keeping caudiciform plants under-potted or root bound encourages the plant to develop a larger caudex? I had a tendency to over-pot my plants so I wouldn't have to disturb them as often with repotting. But I do want nice fat plants. Should I change my ways?
What do you, or anyone else who wants to add to the discussion, think about this subject.

Copenhagen, Denmark(Zone 7b)

Thanks all!


my plans? No big plans - it's just fun to watch them grow and develop so diffently.;-) I'll probably do some more pruning, and perhaps in a few years they'll become nice bonsai specimen.

I have read that caudiciform plants from different genera grow quite differently when it comes to being underpotted or put in raised beds with free root run. For instance, Cyphostemmas grow much faster and fatter in raised beds, and Pachypodiums do well underpotted (i.e. fattening up the caudex).

I keep almost all my plants somewhat underpotted due to lack of space inside in the house and the danger of rot (I live in a mild climate, so using more soil would only increase the chances of the soil getting water clogged and, hence, of root rot). I am not sure how my Adeniums respond to this. Yes, they grow fatter but do they grow fatter faster?



Providence, RI

*Gasp* How do those little plants get so fat so quickly! Amazing!

Yardley, PA

It really is amazing how fast they grow the first 6 months.

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