Tell me about your Carnivorous Plants! :)

Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

I am a little obsessive about my carnivorous plants. I absolutely love them. I am pretty new to growing plants -- about 4 years, and it all started with one Nepenthes ventrata. I know many other people here have a lot more experience. I grow carnivorous plants and succulents.

I notice that this forum is a little quiet, and I was hoping to get some discussions going. :) Even if you only keep one or two plants, I would love to hear about it. I need to spend a little time catelogue my plants and then I will post the answers to my own questions.

Could you let me know (you can answer all or 1 or 2 questions -- whatever you like):
1.) Which Carnivorous plants do you grow?

2.) Where did you get your plants?

3.) How long have you been growing them?

4.) What's your favorite?

5.) Do you propagate your plants and what methods do you use?

6.) Do you grow any from seeds?

7.) Anything else you want to tell me? :)

8.) How do you grow them? In trays, in Bogs, inside, outside. . .

I am just nosey and curious. Thanks. :)

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Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

I had to take a look at what I have before I could answer. I am sure I will find more or lose a few, so things change.

1.) Which Carnivorous plants do you grow?
Total Plants: 213 (41 Species and 22 hybrids or types)

Sarracenia (American Pitcher Plant) = 48 plants (6 species and 9 hybrids)
4 S. flava (Yellow Pitchers)
2 S. flava (Red Tube)
6 S. purpurea (Purple ssp. Venosa)
2 S. leucophylla (White Top)
1 S. alata (Pale)
2 S. minor (Hooded)
13 S. minor (From seed in 2006)
3 S. psittacina (Parrot)
3 S. “Judith Hindle”
2 S. “Daina’s Delight”
2 S. “Dixie Lace”
3 S. “Scarlette Belle”
1 S. “Doodle Bug”
1 S. “Moorei (leucophylla X flava)
2 S. “hybrid mystery”
1 S. “hybrid mystery wild”

Drosera (Sundews) = 113 (16 Species, 0 Hybrids)
13 D. capensis (Cape “Typical”)
13 D. capillaries (Pink)
36 D. burmanni
14 D. alice ?
2 D. filiformis (Thread ssp. Filiformis)
1 D. filiformis (Thread ssp. Tracyi)
3 D. filiformis (Thread red)
2 D. binata (Forked)
2 D. dichtoma (“T-form”)
2 D. multifida
1 D. adelea (lance leaf)
3 D. kenneallyi
2 D. falconeri
2 D. lanata (almost dead)
12 D. “pygmy” (mystery species)
1 D. scorpiodes
2 D roseii
1 D roseanna
6 D. filiformis (Thread – growing from cuttings)

Dionaea Muscipula (Venus Flytraps) = 12 plants (4 varieties)
4 “Typical”
1 “Red Dragon”
2 “Clam Shell”
3 “Dente”
1 (2 year old) seedling
6 (2 month old) seedlings

Pinguicula (Butterworts) = 9 (5 species, 3 hybrids)
1 P. moranensis (Mexican)
1 P. agnata
1 P. lauena
2 P. moctuzumae
1 P. medusina
1 P. “Titan”
1 P. “weser” ?
1 P. “Aphrodite”

Nepenthes (Asian Pitcher Plants) = 24 (7 species, 6 hybrid)
1 N. truncata
3 N. rafflesiana
2 N. madagascariensis
1 N. mira
1 N. lowii
1 N. ventricosa (male)
2 N. ? lowland (Amp, Bic or Raff)
4 N. ventrata
2 N. “Red Beauty”
2 N. “Judith Hindle”
3 N. “Miranda”
1 N. “Red Leopard”
1 N. “coccinea”
12 cuttings (N. ventrata and N. mystery)

Utricularia (Bladderworts) = 4
1 U. aquatic
1 U. longifolia
1 U. subulata
1 U. livida

Byblis (Rainbow Plants) = 2
2 B. liniflora (seedlings April 2009)

Cephalotus follicularis (Australian Pitcher Plants) =1

15 Stylidium debile (Proto Carnivorous Plants)

2.) Where did you get your plants? I get most of my plants from and Bob McMorris. I also buy dying plants from Wal-mart and Lowes and rehab them.

3.) How long have you been growing them? About 4 years. I am a true beginner plant grower.

4.) What's your favorite? I love forked sundews and pygmies.

5.) Do you propagate your plants and what methods do you use? I have made cuttings of Nepentes and grown Sarracenia, Venus Flytraps, Drosera and Byblis from seed. I am growing D. filiformis from leaf cuttings. D. binata is easy to propagate by root cuttings. D. capensis, D. burmanni and U. subulata reseed themselves easily.

6.) Do you grow any from seeds? I am actively trying to grow Sarracenia and VFT from seed.

7.) How do you grow them? In trays, in Bogs, inside, outside. . . I have no greenhouse and no terrariums. All my plants are grown outside in pots and many pots are in trays to keep them wet. Some hang in trees for dappled light. My highland Nepenthes (N. lowii, N. mira and N. "Judith Finn") and all my Pinguicula (butterworts) grow in an East facing window under a fluorescent light). I lose most of my plants from a lack of water in summer.

north coast nsw, Australia

hi i have some sarracenias in pots in trays of water outside sitting in my veggy garden,most go dormant in winter but grow back when it warms up.
I have some Nepenthes(my favourite) hanging from the roof in my orchid hothouse(plastic in winter and shadecloth in summer). Plus some sundews and flytraps.
Purchased most from ebay.
Ive only grown sundews and flytraps from seed, in peat moss/sand in peatpots.

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Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

You have some of the coolest native Carnivorous Plants in my opinion -- pygmy sundews, forked sundews and Austrailian Pitcher Plants. Are they available to you to grow?

We have quite a few native carnivorous plants in Florida like Sarracenia minor, S. psittacinia, S. leucophylla and Drosera capillaris. Of course, we can't remove them from the wild, but they are easily available in the trade.

Is the same for you?

I think it is great you have been able to grow VFT and sundews from seed. Which sundews do you grow? I find that it is easy to germinate VFT seeds, but I have a hard time growing the plants to adulthood. Either I can't keep the plants wet enough, or they get flooded.

London, United Kingdom

1.) Which Carnivorous plants do you grow?
Sarracenia's (flava and flava 'Maxima').
Nepenthes rubra.

2.) Where did you get your plants?
Got the seed from where I used to work!

3.) How long have you been growing them?
27 years.

4.) What's your favorite?
Sarrracenia flava 'Maxima'

5.) Do you propagate your plants and what methods do you use?
From seed, simply shaken onto wet peat trays, then kept in my little cold frame.

6.) Do you grow any from seeds?
Yes everything.

7.) Anything else you want to tell me? :)
I only have a small garden, plus the English weather, so I am a bit limited.
I grow the "maxima's" as they keep the wasps down!

8.) How do you grow them? In trays, in Bogs, inside, outside. .
Sarracenia's are in a small peat bog (lined), they live outside in al weathers, and the Nepenthes live inside.

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Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

Wow! That is a really nice collection. I love the natural look of the bog.

S. flava is native to Florida, and we have quite a big collection at the Botanical Garden where I volunteer. People are so surprised to know how well many Carnivorous Plants do well outside in the cold. People are surprised we can grow them outside in Florida. They don't think that it is tropical enough for delicate Carnivorous Plants. :) I try very hard to change people's minds. It is almost too warm in Florida, and there are many plants I can't grow outside because it is too warm.

I have been growing S. minor from seed. I have about 15 plants now. They are native to the area of Florida where I live.

London, United Kingdom

My Sarracenia's live outside, last winter it was -12.6F, with snow everywhere!
It did not bother them at all.
I cannot remember if I gave you the web site of the Gold Medal winners at Chelsea?
Although an English site it has some lovely stuff (photos) on it, if you are interested.
Regards from England.

Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

My favorite vendor is They are trying to get the Carnivorous Plants out of terrariums into outside gardens. They are in Oregon, where temps are mild, but they post their pictures of the Sarracenbia buried under a blanket of snow and their Venus Flytraps in frozen water.

That link was amazing and also cruel. There are plants on it, I have ever seen before. I wish I had them. :) I asked Jacob (cobraplants), if he couldn't work out an order from them. :)

I have British friends, and I have been trying to explain to them that they can grow Carnivorous plants. People are so intent on thinking that CPs come from sweltering jungles.

Thank you so much for sharing. :)

London, United Kingdom

I know the feeling for I have tried to tell people how easy it is to grow some Cps over here in the U.K.!
We do have our own native species of Sundews, the three species are:
Drosera rotundifolia; this prefers mountain bogs.
Drosera anglica; normally East Scotland and Northern U.K.
Drosera longifolia; normally a fenland plant.

Pinguicula vulgaris; bogs, wet heaths and moors.
Pinguicula grandiflora; Cornwall.
Pinguicula lusitanica; bogs and wet heaths, normally in the West, the only Butterwort to overwinter with its leaf rosetes.

Utricularia vulgaris; it lives submerged in slow moving rivers, this plant has no roots and catches river insects in its bladders for nutrients.
It can be difficult to see until it flowers yellow in June to August!
Utricularia intermedia; medium sized bladderwort likes peaty water.
Utricularia minor; the smallest one of all, peat rivers it likes, but I have often seen it growing in peaty still water ponds.
In the U.K. we can grow most species of CPs quite happily; however people cannot be bothered, they prefer decking and patios where I live, maintenance free is the word they like to use!
Water is a problem, as the tap water in london and some areas is lime, and Cps (most not all), do not like that, so save rainwater, there is plenty of it!
I have rain butts on every down-pipe, that saves a tremendous amount of water, and in the hot weather (yes you do get that over here), like now 97.7F at 10:00 hrs, I have lots of water for them.
I enclose an unusual picture for you; in that sunken pot my wife had a fern growing, then I noticed a Sarracenia growing through it, so I moved the fern next to my beer barrel water feature, where it is happy.
So I have left this alone apart from watering it and it has really started to grow.
It is a seedling from either flava or flava 'Maxima', although it looks like the latter!
Seems to like it there, so leave it alone.
starsplitter7 I did send you a D-mail but you did not reply.
From a Hot England.

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north coast nsw, Australia

Are you sure the sarra wasn't in the pot 1st and the fern grew?
I get ferns come up all the time in my potting medium,maybe the spores in the peat or something?
See your sarra has some of it's winter leaves, whats the temp. like there?

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

Various Sarrs
Various VFTs
Mexican Butterworts
1 Nepenthes

Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

What kind of Sarracenias, Sundews, and Nepenthes do you have? I know I am nosey. :) How long have you been growing?

If you all want to see, I posted pictures of my flooded backyard in the Florida Gardening thread. CPs upsidedown in my yard. Kiddie pool for Sarracenia totally flooded. Sigh! From no water to 6 inches in my back yard. Sigh! I will be repotting plants all day. I found most of the plants, but much of the soil floated away.

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

Sarrs. I have purple pitchers, Flavas, white tops, Judith Hindel, love bug, Scarrlet Bell
Sundews I have a LOT of d. Adelae, a few Capensis and a couple of d. Scorpiods
Mexican Butter worts I have a p. Moranensis, p. Aganta and a Moranensis cross.
Nep is a Ventricosa I believe.

north coast nsw, Australia

starsplitter- we just had a flood a few weeks ago here. I was ready for it with all my plants sitting up high in my yard. hehe! Orchids all hanging of my greenhouse roof. Some potted plants just stayed under water and ive also had to pot them all up again. So far all are good though. I even found a peice of vanilla orchid in the paddock next door that had floated away out of it's pot. I just re planted it and it's fine. ha! I was glad sarras like water because some orchids started getting rot from all the rain..hehe! see some of my pots sitting up in my herb boxes? ..

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Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

Wow! That's a flood. So glad you were prapared and your plants survived well. Are the cows yours? Was your house okay?

What's so rediculous, is that I only flooded due to the design of the fence. This only happened before during a hurricane a few years ago. This time, it was just a very heavy rain.

Today I spent 7 hours repotting or cleaning up 109 plants, 107 of which were CPs. Keep in mind many were small Drosera. Getting the dirt out of sundews was terrible. I have a few really sticky D. binata and multifida, and getting the dirt out of them was not easy. I had a beautiful pot of D. capensis, that I had to completely repot. There were 20 plants in there. I hope they survive. If not, more will come along. I love my weedy sundews. :)

Orlando, FL

hey star
i found some more plants in a subdivision, nearby these may disappear before the others, the ones in the cow pasture are safe for the time, and probably for years i did find out the cow pasture has been up for sale for the last 10 years so with the economy now i think we are safe but the ones in the subdivision are right by the road side, i will get some pictures of them too. to send you maybe we can get them to might have to research that property to get permission. well i plan on going tomorrow to take pictures. i will get you a bunch. do you have an email that i can send them to so i can send more then one at a time here.?

north coast nsw, Australia

Heres some nepenthes i have hanging inside my house on the curtain rods.
This is Maxima x Talangensis

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north coast nsw, Australia

this is gothica..

Thumbnail by breeindy
north coast nsw, Australia

baby junglebells...

Thumbnail by breeindy
Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

Very nice plants Bree!

Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

Wow! Those plants are amazing! :)

Thanks for the thread Starsplitter! I'm new to carnivorous plants and this forum is where I've gotten most of my info and enthusiasm. You, Tommy and Breeindy are the ones I've relied on for the basics. You know you're hooked when you spent your money on plants that go dormant in just a few weeks. LOL ICPS has furthered my knowledge and interest.

1.) Which Carnivorous plants do you grow?

Ping. primuliflora (2)

Capensis red leaf
Pygmy nitidula x pulchella
A few small ones I haven't ID'd yet.

Nepenthes alata

S. Judith Hindle
S. Dana's Delight
S. Alata
S. Minor (hooded)
S. Purpurea
S. Tarnok
S. Scarlet belle

VTF Typical

2.) Where did you get your plants?, ebay, divisions from friends. Cobraplants provided the healthiest plant that I bought. Beautiful D. capensis.

3.) How long have you been growing them?

Just a couple of months

4.) What's your favorite?

Drocera capensis

5.) Do you propagate your plants and what methods do you use?

Just division on the Ping. and the VTF Gemmae planted from the pygmy sundew.

6.) Do you grow any from seeds?

Have S. leucophylla, purpurea, and Darlingtonia californica stratifying in the fridge now. I know I probably can't grow the Darlington here too hot but I thought if I could get it sprout then I could find it a northern home.

7.) Anything else you want to tell me? :)

Thanks again for the thread. What reference books do you use or have read?

8.) How do you grow them? In trays, in Bogs, inside, outside. . .

The Pings, Nepenthes and the sundews are in a south windowsill saucer trays except the Nepenthes. The Sarracenia are outside in a mini bog. Most are very small. I can bring the bog inside the garage if gets down to freezing.

north coast nsw, Australia

Well heres all my Sarracenias sitting in my veggy garden in kitty litter trays of rainwater.

Thumbnail by breeindy
Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

VERY nice Bree! Keep up the great job!

Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

Your plants are just gorgoeus Bree.

Seray, thanks for playing my game. You have a nice collection started. When your Sarracenia and VFT plants are a year old, leave them outside even in freezing temps. They will not grow strong if you bring them inside. In the wild they are in snow and freezes. Just protect them from freezing wind which can dehydrate them. Don't let them dry out in winter.

north coast nsw, Australia

Lessen the water there in though, i had a few sarra's rot over winter as it rained alot and there water was kept high. Well as high as it is in summer and there fine then.

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for the info. I did lessen the water Bree and I have left them out Starsplitter except for 20º. I'll steel myself and put them back out. LOL I'm sure they are a year old or more. I've been covering them or pulling them into the garage.

Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

You can put them in an unheated garage. My big problem is that the weather changes so much here. Very hot, then cold. It was in the 80's last week, this week below freezing. The plants are never properly dormant. I lose plants on a regular basis. Both ones I keep inside and ones out, and ones that do both. I think they are very confused. I have to keep a Nepenthes ventrata on my screened porch tonight as it dips blow freezing. It is 8' long, my oldest CP, and I have no where I can bring it in. The chain it was on had the tree grow over it, and I had to undo the chain. I need a new pot for it, so I can hang it again. They are very sturdy and it is on a covered porch with a towel on it. We are below freezing at night all week. Crazy for Florida. I hope it makes it through. I will see if I can get it repotted tomorrow. I threw spanish moss on all my tender, non CP plants, and hope it will protect enough of the plant to make it through.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for your Nepenthes. I hated those FL freezes when I lived there. (Bradenton) All my stuff was tropical. I used to lay everything on the ground and cover them up with blankets and they would do fine. Freezing here too. 9b. Our weather is like yours hot and cold. It'll stay cold for awhile now so I think they'll have enough dormant time.

Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

Florida is very difficult, because the temps fluctuate. We are in the 20's with the water I collect frozen. I brought my CPs inside to the screen porch. Just a little added protection.

I wrote a short article about this. I hope my advice is correct, and I will find out in the spring. I never protect my plants, so this is new.

I enjoyed your article Starsplitter. Read the same book after I got interested and pretty much have been following in your footsteps with the care. Tonight it gets to 30º and they go back out from the garage. Mine were so small I thought 22º was too much.

I'm continuing with all the articles you included. Can't get enough info. LOL Looking forward to having a large collection as well. The nepenthes seem to be the more challenging so I'm going slow there.

Thanks again for sharing your experience.

north coast nsw, Australia

Albany pitcher plant. Cephalotus follicularis. Native in Australia.

Thumbnail by breeindy
north coast nsw, Australia

A huge red sarra i bought from a nursery growing for years fully submerged in a water feature pot.

Thumbnail by breeindy
north coast nsw, Australia

Flava and red flava

Thumbnail by breeindy

Loved the pictures Breeindy. I'm going to have to break down and find a Cephalotus follicularis. Every time I see one I get more interested in them. Do they have the same growing requirements as nepenthes or are they closer to sarracenias? I need to go back to my books I can't remember. :)

north coast nsw, Australia

More like neps i think. I just keep mine on the floor of my greenhouse. Part shade/sun, keep moist. thats about it. Im thinking about dividing mine as its grow to the side of the pot.

Thanks for the info. The more the merrier I say. :)

Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

Your plants are outstanding Breeindy. Absolutely stunning. I kill the Austrailian pitchers, so I am working on a better growing environment before I try them again. The red Sarracenia is really lovely. We had an absolutely wicked winter that destroyed many of my plants, even protected, but for the Sarracenia and venus flytraps it is the best thing that has ever happened. Such happy plants this spring. I am out to work outside today. :)

north coast nsw, Australia

HEY guys dont get fertilizer on the albany pitcher. I killed mine, must have run out from the orchids to much. boohoo!

I'll cry with you Bree. I lost EE's this spring with too much fert. :(

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