Flowers that nourish honey bees

Somers, NY

My son lives north of Corcord, NH. Last year he began raising honey bees for the honey. He has been asked to put some hives on various pieces of properties that grow organically. Not a problem. On his own property he has about 10 hives. He has planted some blueberry bushes, apple trees, etc. and we would both like some help in what else he should plant to nourish the bees - flowers, anything you find helpful in that climate.

Recently he told me his bees (as elsewhere in the northeast) are not happy - with all the rain, etc.

Can someone recommend any perennials he might plant in his climate that the bees would thrive on.

thanks for your help - Mary

Belmont, NH

I wouldn't worry about what to plant.I am north of Concord,NH too. Bees always manage to find pollen . There's plenty of wildflowers around here that they can enjoy.For example we have : clover , daisies , apple trees etc. and sooner or later there will be the vegetable plants too.That is IF it ever stops raining !! They don't always stay in your yard to eat . It would be nice if they did .

Kenosha, WI

see a list of companion gardening crops for bees

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