Duck pen 'floor'

Portland, OR(Zone 8b)

I am starting to make plans for our duck pen and not sure what to do for the 'flooring'. I live in Portland, Oregon and we usually get about 40 inches of rain a year. Someone posted pics of ducks in a pen that had grass, I don't know if that would get too muddy here or not. One idea I read was to put down a couple of inches of pea gravel and top that with several inches of golf course or builder's sand; that way you can scoop the poop like you would in a litter box. I am thinking about combining the two ideas and having the grassy area at the end where their pool would be. No they won't have a built-in pool, but have a kiddie pool like the other ducks I've read about here....they will probably be spoiled enough...LOL. I will have 3-6 ducks (supposed to have no more than 3 but will try to get away with 5 or 6). Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

I line my floor with a thick layer of pine straw so i can spray the poop down and not have a muddy mess. I add fresh on top in spring and fall since it does break down

Kent, WA

I had a couple of ducks for a very short while so I don't know to much. But the one thing I would recommend is putting the pool on an area that has drainage like pea gravel. My ducks were SO messy especially with their pool which the loved!!! Wished I could have kept them but they turned out to be both males and they were getting rough with my chickens.

(Zone 7b)

My Ducks make mud pies out of any water on the ground my kiddie pool is on the grass and they splash out the water.
They then get out of the pool and doodle in the spilled water cleaning their bills off in the pool. (this keeps the pool messy)
I'm going to try and put stepping stones or something like pea gravel under the pool to stop then getting so much mud in the pool.
My Cayugas are free range but my calls are in a 10x11 foot ground pen on just a dirt floor and i sweep it occasionally but it does get really messy when it rains.
I have heard of pea gravel and straw being used you could try "Back Yard Chickens" thats where i got all my duck info from.
There are alot of duck breeders and keepers on there

Portland, OR(Zone 8b)

Harmony, thank you so much for letting me know about looking on 'Backyard Chickens' for duck info. I had seen the site but never looked at it because I thought it was only about chickens. There is lots & lots of duck info there too. After looking at everyone's pics here & at the other site I want duckies NOW!!! LOL! Unfortunately my budget won't allow for any yet. I am hoping to get them by early spring.

(Zone 7b)

Your Welcome i got all my info on my Ducks there and it helped me alot.
I was even on a thread there with folks encouraging me and helping me thru my Calls hatching which was a nerve raking experience.
I learned about waters and pens and feed it's been so helpful in my first time with ducks.

I hope you can get some they are awesome i just love mine {:~)

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