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Got Pork???

Winter Haven, FL(Zone 9b)

Caught these piggies tearin' up the pasture. Not the best picture.

Thumbnail by DanKistner
Juneau, AK(Zone 5a)

Looks like a lot of fine bacon on the hoof. Or maybe roasted whole pig in a pit.

How many did you get?

Winter Haven, FL(Zone 9b)

None ha ha, this is my buddy's pasture. He has a feeder and cameras set up but when we go out there, they never show up. I would build a trap but he doesn't like the idea so much.

Lakeland, FL

Hey..your not far from me..If ya need help harvesting any let me know..{ -:
I'm from Lakeland..

Winter Haven, FL(Zone 9b)

Yeah, i saw that you were from lakeland. I was trying to figure out where you were catching all those huge bass. The only place i have had luck with hawg bass is at the stick marsh near vero.

Lakeland, FL

I would gladly pay to have an opportunity to harvest a hog..I shot one earlier this year but it was small..I generally hunt at the Green Swamp.

I've been catching the fish at the east side of Saddle Creek park..There is no boat ramp so I slide my small boat off the grassy shore..I also fish Lake 5 at Tenoroc for specks and Lake Fish Hook for bluegills. Fish Hook also has nice bass.Here's an 8.2 caught by my son's girlfriend..her first bass everLOL

Thumbnail by Chuck7
Winter Haven, FL(Zone 9b)

Nice, I always have a great time being able to help someone experience their first bass or other outdoor experience. This past weekend while doing fireworks for independence day, i was passing out roman candles. As simple and meaningless as this was to me... this was one girl's first time ever "playing" with a roman candle. She was ecstatic. Just seeing how much fun she was having with that made my night.

8.2 pounds is a nice bass especially for her first! My first was probably less than a pound and caught with an old Zebco 303 while i was in diapers Ha ha.

Northern, IN(Zone 5b)

Speaking of bluegills, I got hooked on that great nutty flavor as a kid.

Here's how I fix them...

Lakeland, FL

Yes sir..looks good..Here's some of mine ,,

Thumbnail by Chuck7
Northern, IN(Zone 5b)

Looks like you know your way around the kitchen.

Mind sharing your breadcrumb recipe?

Lakeland, FL

I use corn flour...these fish may have been specks / crappie

Crappie are very fleshy and I got a good tip from a New York man that works like a firming them up..
The taste is outstanding..I only use butter milk with specks because bluegill don;t need to firm up..unless you need a batch that needs mellowing out..{ -:

Soak crappie fillets over night in butter milk

I then make up a mixture of...
70 % Corn Flour ..Walmart has the Mexican section
30 % Yellow Corn Meal
I add salt and alot of pepper
paparica for color
some parsley flakes too [ - :
mix well with a fork..
and carefully put in hot peanut oil..

peanut oil cooks hot without scorching..and gets the fish brown..

Northern, IN(Zone 5b)

Sounds great.

Thanks !

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