how can i keep the crows out of my fountain?

Bristol, TN

does anyone out there know how to stop or deter crows from our fountain? we have a bird bath, they hardly pay any attention to it. they love to dip their "findings" in our fountain. they bring in everything from bread to baby bird carcases, which i would rather not have to explain to my three year old daughter yet. we live in the city, so we can't shoot them- lol. please help!

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Westerly, RI

you could get a larger bird bath

Rockport, TX(Zone 9a)

Maybe put an alligator in your fountain? OK, maybe a fake alligator!

Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

I'm not sure there's a sure fire answer, but some thoughts:
- Do you only need to keep the crows away from the pond, or all birds? There is that bird netting that people use over fruit trees. You have to be a little thoughtful how you use it near water, because animals (not just birds) will get caught in it.

- I've got just a small container pond, and am using large wire mesh over it. (Lerge mesh, not large wire). The little birds and other smaller animals get through just fine, the larger birds (pigeons and jays, in my case) can't. It's not totally unattractive, because there's enough vegetation that the mesh isn't imediately obvious.

- I think all the ideas above have some potential. You can't shoot them with bullets, but water about water? Those little hose thingies that go off and spray water, intended to teach cats to stay away? A scarecrow (or fake snake or owl)? And right, there's some reason why the fountain is more appealing than the bird bath - is it bigger, so a better size for the crows? Fresher water? Moving water? More appealing location because of shade or cover? Easier to perch and reach the water with their goodie?

Hope any of that helps! Let us know...

Westerly, RI

Alligators? snakes? crocks? I think the crows like the pond because it's bigger than the bird bath. Maby one of those motion sensored statues will freak them out.

Bristol, TN

actually, the birdbath is alot bigger than the fountain! and we change the water in the birdbath everyday. we also add a little bleach to the water in the fountain to keep the algea and mosquitos at bay.oh, and we alreday have a fake owl that we move about twice a day. the netting wouldn't work because of the way the fountain is designed which the design should also make it harder from them to actually get to the water. we are convinced they like the challenge. i like the alligator idea, know where i can get one in tennessee? lol. i think i will look into the water "squirter" thing. i think they like the fountain because it isn't so exposed. we are going to move the birdbath this weekend to a more protected area in between some bushes.

thanks for all the suggestions.
i will keep ya posted!

Westerly, RI

try one of those talking bass. I forgot the name of them. I know that they make me jump when I walk by them. Maby even a large suan or duck statue, the crows will probally figure out there fake sooner or later

Westerly, RI

I do rember reading a cat invasion thread. Maby you could help her out and take afew

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