How to make your desert rose produce seed

Delray Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

Hi, Molamola.

Adeniums want to escape, you say? My big momma plant with the 17-inch diameter caudex had broken through her terracota planter when I bought it for $6 from someone who couldn't care less about it. I remember the mess bringing it back home: sand everywhere, ants crawling all over the tarp in the back of the car and my wife who thought I was nuts to have purchased such an ugly plant. Now, it's one of her darling plants.

I've seen plants push roots through drainage holes before (who hasn't?), but I have never one plug up the hole completely as this one did. The root found its way between the cement deck and the terracota pot, lifting the pot off the ground. Good thing I noticed the lack of drainage because it could have drowned and rotted right there under my nose.

Take care, all.

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Mesilla Park, NM

I'm glad you posted this, now I know to keep watch on some of the bottoms on mine.. I did have one root into the ground through the drainage hole and didn't know until I tried to move it inside for the winter.

Sulphur, LA(Zone 9a)

THANK YOU Wilfred!!!! I did it! Finally, after several attempts - I have a desert rose seedling. Thank you for your easy and clear instructions!!!

Arlington, TX

I wonder what happened to Wilfred and molamola?

Decatur, GA

I have been wondering the same thing newtonsthirdlaw. I remember this thread well.

Arlington, TX

I believe molamola went over to the other site but not sure about Wilfred. As I recall he had some financial issues and quit subscribing here.

Vieques, PR

In Praise of Wilfred:

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