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I've cut some some tempered pegboard into 11" circles and I need them to be completely sealed so water won't destroy them for at least 6-8 months. They will be the base in an eBucket veggie planter that will be filled with potting soil that stays consistently damp.

I bought a gallon of Kilz (the mold inhibitor stuff) that I was told will dry to a waterproof "plastic" coating if I dip each circle and hang to dry. Please advise ASAP if you know better way to seal and/or water proof these "cookies." Would dipping them in parafin work to seal them? Once they're down in the bucket, they won't be disturbed in any way, so the coating on them won't get scratched.

Please hurry your replies.



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What about Thompson's Water Sealer

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Hey Purpbutfly!

Someone else recommended that, too. I've been holding off returning the KILZ until I can get some solid suggestions from folks who may have experience with waterproofing products that might work.

Thanks for the Thompson's tip!

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I hope you find something that works. I bought Thompsons Watersealer in a spray can --which would make it into your holes real well in the pegboard --but it is real sticky and needs frequent applications. Not sure of impact if it leeches into the soil. I don't know about the liquid Thompson's in the can. We've used it on decks and it has worked well but the deck does dry out in between.

I was thinking about your dilemma and remembered that a few years ago in Home Depot there was a display featuring 'greenboard' the stuff that you put on walls in the bathroom in place of sheetrock --made to be covered with tile I guess. The display contained a 'fountain' and it was constantly running water at and on the greenboard demonstrating that water wouldn't get to it in a destructive way. Maybe if you can't find something that works you could use that product cut into circles.

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SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Hey guys, thanks for your replies. Been researching on the web, and I'm thinking of trying to dip them into paraffin. It'll actually soak into the pegboard and harden all the fibres. If it doesn't fall apart first, it should hold together and be completely waterproof. I'll post my results so ya'll will know how it turned out.

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