Cheap organza bags are on their way!

Jamaica Plain, MA(Zone 6a)

After not knowing when some seeds are ripe and missing them, some apparently being propelled through the air immediately upon ripening, others dropping and disappearing or blowing away, I'm taking Jonna's advice, and went hunting today on the internet for organza bags to bag the seeds I most want - on the plant before they're ripe.
Do not search under seed collecting bags or anything related. I probably wasted an hour doing that. Finally I found organza bags by searching "organza bags" - duh! They're very thin - see through airy bags that are apparently used for such things as containing party or wedding favors. I found them on ebay from a place with free shipping called organzabag, and won 5 auctions of 30 bags each (3" x 4" with drawstrings) in different colors for a grand total of $8.91. I bought colors that no one seemed to want, figuring I can always give them a tea bath to mute them.
Anyway, I am so pleased, as my first thought was that I was going to have to go out and find some organza, and haul out the sewing machine that wasn't working properly when last I used it, fix it, and do a tedious job.

Oregon City, OR(Zone 8a)

I a grateful for this information. Thanks.

Jamaica Plain, MA(Zone 6a)

I'm glad it was helpful. I've been using them since they arrived and they work great for most seeds. I might have gotten a pack of a larger size for some plants that have flowers (and hence, seedpods) along a long stem, had I thought about it.

Sugar Land, TX(Zone 9a)

I use them for my datura seed pods. I get them at the dollar store.

Calgary, Canada

That was a good deal. The craft stores (Michael's) sells them but they are about a dollar a bag. There are some small gauze like bags (icing sugar bags) sold by the Wilton Cake people in the craft stores which work too. Still expensive though.

Jamaica Plain, MA(Zone 6a)

It definitely was a good deal. I went to look for some larger ones and the same seller wasn't selling them - at least at the time. You can still get them pretty cheap on ebay, but they were all a bit more than I paid. Still well worth it.

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