Halifax County, Canada

Looking for Pink double brugmansia seed or single pink. Thanks!

Victoria, BC(Zone 8a)

Just in case you didn't know, seeds don't come true to their pod parents.

If you want a specific plant, you need to get a cutting.

Mona in Metcalfe, ON(Zone 5a)

or go to the store canadian tire or home depot and buy the seeds which are bread they will come true

South of Winnipeg, MB(Zone 3a)

translation, please. Mona, I don't understand what you are saying. I have never seen a brugmansia or brugmansia seed at CT or HD,

Mona in Metcalfe, ON(Zone 5a)

that is where I got mine at canadian tire on the tropical seed section, also got banana seeds and passion flower vines and others usually come out late fall for winter indoor growing
rona sometimes carries them also

or easier go on the U.S. brug site and get seeds from someone that deals in them the reason they dont come true is that usually they are open polinated so they get crossed and then you dont know what you going to get but the people that are really serious hand polinate and close off the flower so they will get the right plant from the seeds

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South of Winnipeg, MB(Zone 3a)

So have you gotten good results with these brugmansia seeds? Any doubles? I have a seedling that is supposed to be a pink, about three years old and I am just about ready to toss it. Hasn't y'd yet.

Victoria, BC(Zone 8b)

Geez echoes, no Y after 3 years? I'd only keep it if I had the room.

South of Winnipeg, MB(Zone 3a)

That's a good possibility. I think it's the third year, but then, we never really had summer this year, unless you count the last couple of weeks of high humidity.

Checked my records and this seedling came from PerennialGirl. Says 2008, so maybe it deserves one more chance, or a chance to go back to her house. I tossed my 2006 Cuba seedling last year.

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Mona in Metcalfe, ON(Zone 5a)

I gave my sister some seeds this year she started them at the end of march and planted the seedlings out at the beginning of june in a new flowerbed which has lots of compost and manure her brugs are blooming like crazy and over seven feet tall they all got their Ys mid august and now lots of blooms

next spring I am doing the same thing since I keep mine in pots and they dont seem to get big enough to bloom

Victoria, BC(Zone 8a)

You can hand pollinate and cover the bloom, but each seed in a pod may show very different results.

If you want the same plant, you need a cuttting. ;-)

Mona in Metcalfe, ON(Zone 5a)

I have never had that problem

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