Nikon D60 is this a good camera for Birding & Macros?

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

My old Nikon point and click, kicked the bucket.
DH is going to buy me a new camera.
Right now BB has a sale on the Nikon D60 D-SLR with 18-55mm lens. It has 10 megapixels, and a 2 1/2" LCD. It's priced at $549. 97. You can optimize this for an additional $200, and also get a Nikon 55-200 mm VR Telephoto Lens and Lowepro D-SLR backpack. Said in the ad we'd save $50 on the camera and $174 on the optimized version. Grand total with the optimized package is $749.97. A friend I asked, suggested that I also get the 2 gig memory card.
I'd like to know if you think this would be a good camera for taking birding photos and macros? I am passionate about Macros and have many opportunities to photograph birds, but have been unable to capture the detail I wanted with the old point & click.
I'd like to know if anyone has had any experience with this type of camera? What are the good things about it, and if you've had any problems with it? Is this camera good deal?
Don't want to spend much more than that but could go as high as $1000, if I can justify it.
Your opinions and experiences would be very helpful to me, in making a decision.
Walk In Beauty!

Fallbrook, CA(Zone 10b)

The one I just bought is the Nikon D-40. It's essentially the same camera only 6 mega pixel. If you get the telephoto lens with it, your bird pics will be incredible. The close-ups you take of the hummers will be like ducbucln's. It's a really good camera. I don't think spending a thousand is going to get you any better results. I'd go ahead and get the 8 gig memory card though. They're not that much more and you can go on a month long vacation and never run out of room on it.

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

Thanks DP, I appreciate it. I didn't want to spend more than necessary and like the backpack idea. Used to backpack my telescope into the deep desert so I'm comfy with that part. 8 gig of memory. Not a bad idea.
Thanks for putting the smile back on my face. : )

Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

The D60 is a nice DSLR but in the world of SLR/DSLRs the camera body is only part of the the battle.
There are two versions of the 18-55mm DX lens, one is the EDII, the other the VR version. Which one of the two is included in the package(s)?
The combination of the 18-55 & 55-200mm lens is okay for most uses. The 18-200mm VR lens would save you from swapping between lenses but it comes at a premium price. None of the previous mentioned lenses really excel in terms of macro or birding but they'll be okay for most situations.

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

PanamonCreel, Thanks for the advice. I'll check into the lens's.

Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

SW, If DH wants to take that camera for you, let him! Sounds great! I only have 5 .0 megapixels on my camera , so 10.0 would be amazing. I'm with Pirate, your Macros will be amazing...hmmmm, I have camera envy!LOL

Tokyo, Japan(Zone 10a)

I use a D40x these are exceptionally good cameras and highly recommended, the the D60 is virtually the same camera.

(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

Good Morning! I'm going to bump this up :) Waving hi to SW!!

I have the D60 outfit that you're talking about and the VR lens.. I LOVE this camera. SW, you've seen some of the pics that I've posted on the "what I've seen today" thread..all were taken with the D60 :) What I like about it..I can be lazy! I don't always take macros, but will crop the pic until I get the close up that I want :) I don't feel that I've ever gotten a less crisper pic by doing that..

Did you wind up getting the D60? If so, how do you like it?

(Zone 7a)

I;m curious, too, because that's what I have.

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

I ended up getting the Nikon CoolPix P90. I am disappointed in it's ability to take Macros, (which might just be me not understanding how to achieve the Macro, there are so many settings that I do get confused on how to program the darn thing!). I am happy with the telephoto lens, which is amazing. Took a photo of a Dragonfly sitting on top of the walnut out front, and the detail was really crisp, as good as a macro. I didn't even crop that one.
I figured out that it's better to stand back and take a telephoto for better detail, then crop if needed.
Please note, if I have cropped a photo, I tell you so. I don't manipulate my photos in any other way. : - )
All of the photos I've posted on the Macro page, when I posted my photos there, were not cropped or anything. I'm not smart enough to figure out how. Not really, but I do believe in portraying what I see without changing it. Truth is truth, and is beautiful the way it is.
I do like both yours and kwan's photos, ClanCampbell. : - )
I do know that when someone else takes photos using my camera that they are usually pretty good. Like when DH took those photos of the California Brown Pelican that landed on the beach last February. I posted a thread here on the Birding forum about it. DH took all those photos, and he doesn't like to take photos. Come to think of it, when he used to take photos, most of them were out of focus. The new cameras really help with that. DH took a photography class for all the good it did him, but I had my Dad teach me old school, back when we still used film. He also taught me how to develop and manipulate the images. Not just enlarging, but enlarging only a portion of the photo. We usually worked in Black & White because the chemicals needed for color processing were so expensive! He also made all of us kids, help build his darkroom, out in the garage. Good Dad! : - )
I am in a fix. I'm finding that there are days that the P90 is too heavy to use. I do have tripod and a unipod, but still . . .
The technology has advanced, and I'm thinking about getting a smaller point and click, like I had before. Even if it doesn't have a view finder and has a big screen. My Dad laughed at my point and click, but he learned old school and is/was used to the view finder.

BTW, I am hard on camera's. I drop them, bang them against stuff, and I've been known to fall on them. Which is why the strap is around my neck, but this camera has with stood some hardship and it's still working good. It's just not as pretty as it used to be. LOL!
It's okay, I love Rugged things. DH got me the extended warranty in case I drop it in the pool or the ocean, which to my credit, I haven't done yet. I haven't even dropped it in the pond. : - )
Got to go, I do hope that answers some of your questions.
Sending uncropped photo I took from the other end of the GH. Forgot how far it is to the banana from the front of the gh. Guesstimating the distance, it's somewhere about 40 feet.
Numbers fall out of my head, so I am not much help there. : - (

Thumbnail by SingingWolf
Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Lovely picture, SW!

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