Moveing Cone Flowers?

(Zone 7b)

I have had a horrible year with my cones first we had to much rain which caused rot then it turned hot and dry and i mean dry.
So i have several established cone flowers i want to move to better ground how can i safely move them?
I'm also planting some new cones to replace some sage,salvia,speedwells i lost due to the to much rain.
How can i best plant these so i know they will continue to thrive in this dry weather we have been haveing?

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Chattanooga, TN(Zone 7b)

if you transplant them now, you add transplant stress to the already existing heat and drought stress and you will need to water them every three to four days for the rest of the summer in their new location. so wait with the transplanting until the fall and water them well when needed in their current location (half to a full a 5 gallon bucket of water per plant and day when the plants are DROOPING IN THE MORNING).

Hamilton, OH

If you are set on moving them.. just dig as large a root ball as possible.

I have recently moved 4 plants in my beds. (2 big sky that got sequestered to a distant bed because i though they had yellows last year.. turned out it was just mites.. and they are healthy this year.).. and I also moved my mac n cheese and tomato soup.. since they where getting overgrown by other echs.

I am sure they didn't like it too much, but all continued to form buds and are almost in bloom now. Didn't seem to skip a beat. Just stay on top of watering them for a bit.

(Zone 7b)

Thanks we finally got some rain today i was so happy i could have stood out in it LOL

I'm going to think on the transplanting and see if they will recover some after this rain.

I got some organic fertilizer and will be planting my "Big Sky's" this week i got my fingers crossed all this turns out {:~)
I really want my garden to look better

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