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Storage of weedwacker, tiller, other electrical yard tools?

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

We are trying to get our garage "rationalized." Any ideas how best to store the weedwacker, small Mantis tiller, leaf blower, etc? They are awkward sizes. I'd like to hang them from the wall or ceiling....

Lake in the Hills, IL(Zone 5a)

I use Rubbermaid's Fast Track system in my toolshed. It's a shaped bar. Then there are hooks of various sizes and shapes. There are several that can accommodate odd shaped tools, bikes and other gear. These hooks slide on the bar - nice. Can reposition them as needed without making more holes in the walls. The tracks are rated for over 1500 pounds if mounted in studs and drywall.


Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

Thanks, Sharon -- I'll look into that.

Fort Worth, TX

I second the rubbermaid , passed it quite a few times in the store. The attatchments are pricey but it is a high quality system.

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

We are definitely going to get it -- I have my Amazon order all ready. It turns out there is some moisture on the spot we are planning to install it, so I have to address that first (it is seeping in from an exterior spigot, I think). I really appreciate the suggestion!!!!

Central, VA(Zone 7b)

Happy, when you get your system up and running will you take a picture and share it here. We must rationalize our garage as well. Moved in two years ago and still tripping over all kinds of garden equipment. It makes me cringe whenever I go through the garage. The thought of driving the 3 hour round trip to the big box store also bums me out, but ordering from Amazon...I can do that. Pam

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

All the stuff from Amazon has arrived, and I'm impressed by how sturdy it is, Pam. We won't be able to put it up for a while, though, because of the moisture problem which isn't going to be fixed anytime soon. So I really hope I love this system!

I'd be happy to post a photo once we get it installed, though it won't be very visible. We built a very simple system (from a plan on the internet -- see next paragraph) for suspending our extension ladders from the ceiling, and that contraption is only about a foot away from the wall it parallels. I am going to squeeze the Rubbermaid system along that wall. It will be just above a series of doors that we use very infrequently (they go to a storage area under the steps, and to the furnace), so I'm going to have the tools just hang down in front of the doors. I'll try to keep mostly short tools there that won't interfere with the doors, but I won't fret about it. On the rare occasion when I have to use the doors, we'll just remove any long tools.

Here is the plan for the extension ladder, by the way: We made it hang a little further from the ceiling, and added an extra set of supports so we could store 2 ladders on it. I almost wish we had added it third. We are very UNhandy, but it is sturdy and I love it.

Bit by bit we are trying to get everything up off the floor so that some day, maybe just maybe, we can actually park in our garage!!!!

Corning, NY(Zone 5a)

Hi Happy,
I too would love to see this when you have it done, I need to do somthing in my shed, this sounds like just what would work..:)Anita

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

The tool storage is on hold, because we have moisture in the garage and we want to make sure we have eradicated that before we paint, and we want to paint before we put up the Rubbermaid system. And that blended in with another project that we can't finish until the weather is warmer....

But the ladder project is done. I don't think that is what you wanted to see, but if I am wrong, please let me know.

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