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curious about a spider, in florida with a pair of wings.

Pensacola, FL

I have seen a brownish spider during afternoon hours in tallahasse and jacksonville. Its about a inch or less in size and kinda looks like a wolf spider but has a small pair of wings at the back side of its adomen, nowhere near its legs. The spiders seem unable to fly as the wings are so far back and small. I have never heard about a spider with wings,so I've always wondered what they where. Only seen them 2 or 3 times.

Sinks Grove, WV

You need to get a photo of this critter and post it, as there are absolutely no spiders with wings. As a youngster, I thought that I had found one on the floor of my grandparent's screen porch, but it turned out to be an ordinary spider straddling a fly that it had caught!

Pensacola, FL

They do exists. I know since i've seen it. I find one again ill try to catch it since i dont carry cameras around not even a cell phone. but ive rarely seen them. The times I saw them I was just standing near them as they where hanging on a post or a railing near me. I thought the wings where kinda creepy. and they do look alot like fly wings. But the wings where comming out of the rear side of the spider.

Sinks Grove, WV

I am sorry, but there absolutely are no, as in zero, zip, none, nada; ect., etc. spiders with wings, nor is there any evolutionary evidence that there ever were any arachnids (the group of arthropods that includes spiders) with wings. However, I'm sure that you saw something unusual, and hope that you will be able to take an image and post it.

Letohatchee, AL

was the thing molting?

Pensacola, FL

As from what i hear most life on this planet has not been discovered. People have gills and tails before they are born. some after. Webbed toes etc. Whale walked on land. Spiders with wings impossible?

evolution can do anything it wants to do. I think i heard lobsters and horse shore crabs are related to spiders. I have seen this spider more only a few times. I may never seem it again. they could even be a mutation. or from the amazon. Saying its impossible for it to be a spider? okay, maybe it is a small alien that looks like a spider with wings. hehe

There was nothing strange about the spiders cept for the wings, so no sign about molting.

if i do find one and catch it, ill mail it to whoever wants it, plus a picture since they can be doctored.

Maple Heights, OH

It was probably a cranefly.

Pensacola, FL

I looked up craneflys but non seem to look like wolfspiders in anyway, plus crane flys do not have wings on the rear end. These spiders i saw have wings on the rear end and only on the rear end. IF the had 2 pairs of wings maybe they could have flown. But theres have a pair on their butt. the wings are located on the rear . thats means the end where the silk comes out. no near the front of the spider. not near the middle. The are also not located on the top of the spider, They are attached on the side.

Sorry typing werid but people seem to miss read where I said the wings are on the rear and side of the spider. also, they should not inable the spider to fly at all. they look like small vestigle wing.

Also, lack of fossile evidence proves nothing. For something to be in the fossil record it has to be found.

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