What I have isn't working - need some help please

Campobello, SC(Zone 7a)

We moved here almost exactly a year ago and the first thing I did was tear out some bushes in front of the house and put my roses there that I brought with me. I wasn't sure if there was going to be enough sun for them there, but it was the only bed already made and I hated the bushes anyway. They actually did ok until all the rain we got this year and I've been fighting black spot to the point that 2 of them look almost dead. I'm working on a new bed to move them to this fall. I think I need to move the clematis that's planted behind them too as only one bloomed, 2 didn't come back up, 2 grew but haven't flowered, and 2 new ones aren't even growing. I've just been filling the bed with some annuals I've found on sale/clearance as I didn't want to put anything else in until I knew for sure if I was going to have to move the roses.
I need something as a "backdrop" once I move the roses. The front of the house faces South and there is a large tree about 20 feet away directly in front of the house so it get's dappled sun, more or less, thru-out the day. I don't want any bushes that are dense and close to the ground (snake hiding places). I also don't want anything that will grow up too tall and dense to hide the front of the house or that has to be trimmed/cut back giving it a shrub/hedge like appearance. We like to sit on the front porch and don't want to not be able to see out.
Here's a pic of the whole front of the house. I'll post a pic from the other side next.

Thumbnail by DevilDogs
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