OT: This is what kept me away from my hoya

Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

I have another addiction that began in October. Here is one of the little culprits. African Violet 'Rob's Whodunnit".

Thumbnail by imadigger
North Augusta, ON

Beautiful AV!!
I almost succumbed to the AV addiction...but...those fuzzy leaves are cat hair magnets...with 7 cats in the house the violets look like dust bunnies in about 3 days. Luckily for the Hoyas...

(Zone 1)

That's a beauty Eileen! I don't have any AV's at the moment but keep thinking I may try one or two again. I had about 75 AV's a couple of years ago but ended up bringing mites or something into the area and they all died. Folks had told me I should isolate any new plants brought into the house and I didn't listen. I was doing trades here and there and ended up with a major problem that spread to all of the AV's. I still have maybe 10 Chirita's and a couple of Episcia's hanging on.

In early Spring I took the lights off my three plant stands and moved them out to the Florida Room to use for generic plants and knick knacks. A few weeks ago I moved one of them back inside, put the lights back on, and moved the Chirita's and Episcia's back onto the stand.

I love Gesneriad's but they seem to get neglected when I spend so much time outside ... I end up too tired at the end of the day to mess with them and they end up succumbing to the lack of care. It's so much easier with the outside plants because I can just take the hose and spray away!

Don'tcha just love some of the names Rob and his wife comes up with for some of their plants!

Minneapolis, MN(Zone 5a)

Speaking of Rob's, they list a few hoyas in their catalog that are quite reasonable in price. The plants are small, but well rooted and healthy.

Here is a link to Rob's website:


Click on "exotic houseplants" on the left side of the screen to find the hoyas.

(Zone 1)

Looks like his site is carrying more hoyas now ... in the past they maybe had three or four listed. I've bought African Violets and other Gesneriad plants from Rob's in the past and though they were very healthy, they were very small plants, usually in 2 1/2" pots - the hoya's will probably be potted the same way, small rooted cuttings in the little pots.

Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

I've ended up with over 50 violets. I have them on a 5 shelf stand, four trays of violets that are on mats in trays, and right now I have four alum. trays with more leaves rooting. I've put most of the violets on grids and mats to water. It sure makes life easier. I'm just running out of room inside.
Most of my hoya are outside, either under the lanai roof or on the far side of the pool area. The passion flower vines are covering the screen enclosure top, so it give shade to the hoya that are out there. I just don't check them too ofter. This morining I did a check and my small hoya bilobata (which I think is DS-70) had two peduncles. And I'm waiting for my lobbii peduncle to open. It has stayed the same for two weeks. I'm getting impatient.
My multiflora has been blooming on and off for months. I forget about it because it sits in a corner near sliding door to pool. I keep forgetting that it likes lots of water. When I see dropped leaves, then I take care of it. It's getting leggy from losing a lot of bottom leaves. I'm waiting for it to stop sending up flowers so i can cut it back.
Well, we have another storm, and I hear the thunder, so it's time for me to get off computer.
See you all later.

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