Birthday Club likes and dislikes

Marilyn Glen st. Mar, FL(Zone 9a)

This thread is for our Birthday Club members to post their likes, their dislikes, any particular thing they collect, etc.
This way it will help the gift givers select or make that special gift just for you.

Tips On Sending Gifts

When sending out fragile items such as clay and glass, please be sure to protect them, by bubble wrapping, and avoid mailing them out in flat envelopes cause they can get 'chewed' on conveyors.

If you're anxious as to whether your birthday gift did arrive, purchase a 'delivery confirmation' from the USPS.

If deciding to insure your gifts, make sure you retain all receipts.
Post Office will demand to see proof of costs.

I'll also ask that if you post your likes and dislikes and later think of something that you forgot to list, please edit your original post and not make a new post. this will keep our thread from getting to long.

This thread is strictly for posting our likes and dislikes, and not for chatting,,,our birthday club thread is for that. And I want to encourage everyone in the club, to come to the Birthday club thread and chat as much or as little as you like.

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Marilyn Glen st. Mar, FL(Zone 9a)

Can I go first????:)

I like,,hmmm
Hummingbirds, gnomes, fairies, angels,,,bird feeders,,,unique potting items, flowers,,,gnomes,,,anything red,white and blue,
My favorite color is purple
My kitchen is done in Brick Red, and roosters and aluminum (I collect roosters and older aluminum items)
love yard and garden items
Don't like ugly characters, hate snakes, gargoyles, lizards

No gift certificates from Blue Stone Perrenials please, nor any other seed catalog.
WalMart would be great though and Collections,Etc., Lowe's or Home Depot.

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Henderson, NC(Zone 7b)

I like anything for the yard. Colored bottles, Hummingbirds. Love Wal Mart, do not like the $ Tree. Love all plants, especially Day Lilies, Iris, Brugs,& Hibiscus.and thanks to my DG friends, have many thriving Brugs and Datura. Also have beautiful Yellow Hibiscus, and other plants from seeds sent to me by special lady's on DG.
I have several collections and I think my favorite is chickens. I have collected Angels, Hummingbirds, Santas, Depression Glass, Porcelian & China eggs, Shawnee Corn Collection LOL and if you go to TtT thread, you can see that I also collect junk. I love giving, and I never give anything I wouldn't want for myself.
I love making anything using stained glass.
I am old as dirt and still love work/playing in it.

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(Cindy) Auburn, CA(Zone 10a)


Purple is my fav color too. I love butterflies, hummingbirds, and frogs. Yard ornaments of all kinds especially old rusted stuff. I plant flowers in anything that is around. Windchimes, suncatchers and other things that hang.

Yep LOVE Wal-mart, Home Depot (No Lowe's here) Target and $ Tree sometimes they have good things. is my favorite online store,lol.
Birdhouses and feeders for hummers too.

I am starting a butterfly garden so any plants that butterflies like would be nice,

I like surprise gifts the most!!!!

I am new to quilting so anything to do with that would be GREATLY appreciated ^_^ I shop at JoAnn's alot.


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(Bre) Sellersville, PA(Zone 7a)

Likes: Gardening, Bird feeders, Bird baths, Sewing(not quilts yet) & Crafting. Pets & little critters - butterflies, hummingbirds & dragonflies. Also am trying to start a fairy garden..

Dislikes: real bugs! yikes! Not really into chocolate. Oh - i HATE winter!

Decorating scheme: Kitchen is a wine theme with dark purple, white & tan colors. Downstairs abth is a kids jungle theme and upstairs is asian, or Feng shui. The rest of my house is tan/white with earthtones.
Do you collect anything? Plants
Are you allergic to anything? nope
Favorite Color/scent? Purple & white. Scent is vanilla.
Favorite Music? everything but country
Favorite flower? Lilies & plumeria
Favorite store? target, abercrombie
Favorite food? anything different
Pets? I have a Himilayan cat, Bailey (he reminded me of Bailey's irish cream) a chihuahua/ mini doxin dog, Riley, fish & chinchillas (If anyone wants one... please let me know - they multiplied ;))

My name is barhea, pronnounced brea (like the cheese) it came from my mothers fav aunt whos name was rhea, but I go by bre - Im 28~ my birthday is Sept 7th ~ I have 3 kids -1 daughter, Dominique (10) & 2 boys Gavin (8) & Payton (4). Also a wonderful DH who I graduated high school with. We have a townhouse in PA, about 2 hours from New York & New Jersey, 30 min from Phily & Delaware.
Nice to "meet" all of you!!

Leesburg, VA(Zone 7a)

Woo Hoo!!

Love the new club plans.

If sending plants, the best light I have is part sun in a small area. Otherwise it is all shade or part shade. Lilies seem to be doing OK and I would love some of the "smelly" kind. :0)

I also like houseplants of any variety. So that works too.

If doing a gift card, I can use anything from Bluestone, Almost Eden, Home Depot, Wegmans, Joanns, Michaels, A.C. Moore. We pretty much have everything around here. Love Amazon and buy things there at least once a week. Green Mountain Coffee is another thought.


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Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

I'm starting with my dislikes since there are so few.


Food & Drink: Green olives, Walnuts, Macadamia nuts, pumpkin, fruitcake, broccoli & Brussel spouts, white bread, country ham. Dark liquors.
Flowers: Gardenias, carnations, azaleas. Have very little shade.
In The Garden & Home: “cutsie” or frilly lace.
Colors: Black, White or Blue…unless it’s pale sky blue like the ceilings of Southern porches.
Music: Hip hop & rap
Reading: Science Fiction & Romance novels
Outside: tent camping
Least favorite time of year: COLD Winter
Hobbies: I cannot sew & my baking skills are atrocious.



Gift Certificates:
I'd love to have a Gift Certificate from any of our local nurseries. I haunt them regularly. If you go this route, please D-Mail me and I'll send you their names and phone numbers.
We only have a local Walmart, Lowe's,and an Ace Hardware:

Anywhere online is great like..... for a Gardening book or magazine subscription EXCEPT Fine Gardening, I already have that one.
A couple months DG subscription added to my account would be appreciated.

Size 8 flip-flops. Love visors, wear them from the time Spring breaks til it's time to wear sweats again. Size XL T-shirts, knee-length night shirts, and PJ's (don't wear night gowns, anything satin or overly lacey).

Colors: Green, Teal, Burgundy, Rose, Peach, Yellow, Orange
Scents: Coffee, Juniper, Vanilla, Fresh Linen, Citrus. Sandlewood & Patchouli in Winter.
Perennials: Daylilies, Cannas, Ferns, Columbine, Dwarf Pampas Grass, Sempervivum (Hens & Chicks), Sedums, Succulents including Cacti & Bromeliads. Also love house plants.
Decorating -- Anything unusual & eclectic. Mint Green Kitchen with Paisley toppers in greens, teals, and rose. Beach themed bath done in neutrals. Family Room Earth colors with more Paisleys in green, orange, burgundy and gold. Burgundy lay-z-boys (soon to be retired for Emerald green ones). Bedroom is sunny yellow with fabrics & bedding of the same accented with purple, lilac and rose tulips.
Trees: Flowering Cherry, Maples, Norway Spruce, White Pines
Pets: 2 Dogs- Yorkshire Terrier & a rescued Chinese Pug, 1 Siamese cat.
Food & Drink: This is impossible! Shrimp, Flounder, Striper, Drum (most any fresh Seafood). My original recipe for Thanksgiving Turkey, my Mom‘s recipe for mac & cheese & poundcake, my SILs recipe for butterscotch pretzels. Homegrown Tomatoes, Corn, Sweet Peppers, Lettuces. Hubbies grilled cheeseburgers, steaks, BBQ chicken. Local wines, fruity slushy drinks, Bud Lt. or Coors Lt. Hoop cheese & authentic mozzarella, Black Olives, Italian olive oil, fresh cracked pepper. sea salt, & fresh herbs. German Chocolate cake, NY cheesecake, Carrot cake. Breyer’s Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream & banana splits. Cashews, fresh boiled or roasted peanuts. Cheddar popcorn & flavored tortilla chips. Strawberries, peaches, pears, white grapes, melons.
Collections: I'm a glassaholic! Modern Scottish & Antique French Paperweights, US mid-western glass...Blenko, Gibson, Wilkerson, Pilgrim, Kanawha...there's so many. I'm also a pottery addict -- Italian pottery plates & vases, Blue Ridge China plates. Also old & modern reference books, love antique maps, Olde World Santas, Snowmen, glass or unusual Christmas ornaments, Gone With The Wind memorabilia.
Hobbies/Crafts: Glass & ceramic mosaics, wreaths & swags & glass bead ornaments & whimsies, painting ceramics & restoring found objects, now trying my hand at watercolor, have won Blue ribbons for my counted x-stitch, and I'm an avid reader especially bios and about nature.
Music: Love all music! Classical, jazz, 60’s 70’s 80’s pop & rock, Old & Modern Country, Celtic, Bluegrass & Gospel.
Favorite Store: The World Wide Web is my store! Also enjoy finding neat things at yard sales & at Goodwill.
Outdoors: Working in my gardens, bird watching, bird feeders & baths, wind chimes, boating, fishing, & camping as long as it's in our 5th wheel & we take our boat.
Best Movies Ever: It’s a Wonderful Life, Dances With Wolves, Gone With The Wind
Favorite time of Year: Spring! April, May & June
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
Dreams: Living at the Beach in NC. Having an incredible cottage garden no matter where I live.

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ok - thought I'd posted here, but obviously did not LOL

Dislikes - Value Village - they use the majority of their $$ earned for admin costs, not the charity they're there for.
Allergic to strong scents - can't smell 'em, but Boy Do I React........

1. Daturas, bleeding heart, rare & unusual plants (for my zone, anyway) which includes Brugs and native plants/shrubs (have an Indigo bush ^_^ )
2. Fairies, butterflies, frogs
3. Burgundy is my fav colour, with dark forest green running a close 2nd
4. my Secret Garden, with lights, lights, lights
5. Planning on getting a 3-seater covered swing - wanted one for Years
6. Quilting - I have a quilt center that's a Lone Star, the predominant colour is burgundy, of course lol
7. Music - I have an older upright piano from 1870's and learining to play it better. I know quite a few songs, but don't sight-read well enough. Used to be a Handbell Choir Director, until we had to return our borrowed bells to the other church
8. Gardening, gardening, gardening - indoors & out. Besides my own garden, I look after a friend's yard, the church's garden, and inside the church, and of course, my own garden.
9. Love drama - dramatic flowers, etc.
10.Am I a Diva? You BET, and proud of it! LOL

Blackshear, GA

My turn....I am married to a wonderful man who spoils me and our children rotten - I have two wonderful children..boy -16 & daughter -13. We have one labrador and one cocker spaniel who thinks she is the 3rd child, 3 cats, 8 bantum chickens, and so many plants everyone thinks we live in a jungle.

I love to go down to FL on a plant hunt.....instead of shopping for clothes I usually go shopping for the one plant that I don't have.

I love orchids (have over 250 of those). hibiscus, begonias, and recently I am trying to collect clerodendrums. I love most any plant, especially if it blooms, tropicals are my favorite. I love to do crafty things, but don't really have time with all the plants I have. I substitute teach where my children go to school and really enjoy that. A child can always say or do something to make you smile.

I love the color purple, but always buy a red car, LOL. LOVE to travel, went to Australia and New Zealand several years ago and would move there in a heartbeat.

Planted a garden this year and made a little. Now I am about to plant my fall garden and see how that works out. So would love some vege seed to try.

Basically, if it has to do with plants and gardening, I like it!!

Spooner, WI

Here is my current list of "Most Wanted" plants. Keep in mind, November is the middle of winter here in Norther WI, and there's no planting that can be done, so...

1. Tiger-Eye Sumac shrub
2. Guardian Angel Hosta
3. Miss Lucy Double Oriental Lily
4. Candy Dish Hosta
5. Jack-in-the-pulpit
6. Elvis Lives Hosta
7. Queen of the Seas Hosta
8. Spilt Milk Hosta
9. Blue or Purple Delphinium
10. Azalea - any of the Northern Lights series
11. Helen Von Stein Lamb's Ear
12. Yellow Peony (any cultivar that is yellow or partially yellow, prefer singles)
13. Japanese Woodland Peony
14. Ladyslippers
15. Hellebores
16. Trillium

Other likes:
Fashion Scarves
Jewlery (especially home-made things)
Butterfly Houses
Yard Art
Toad Houses
Stepping Stones
Can't go wrong with gift certificates! (WalMart, Target, Layne Bryant, Lowes, anything for plants that I can use in the spring! :))

About me:
College student who returned at age 30 (4 years ago) to start my music carreer. Divorced. No kids. LOTS of nieces & nephews. I'm the youngest of 7 kids & the only one without kids. I have 1 year left to getting my bachelor's degree in vocal performance (yep, I'm an opera singer, among other things), with minors in Jazz Studies & Linguistics.

I'm a voice teacher & have been teaching for about 18 years. In the past 5 years, I have made that my main occupation & am doing reasonably well (

I have been dividing my time between school & looking out for my mother, who has had cancer (2 different kinds) twice in the past 5 years or so. She is currently cancer free, but has had other related health issues. She is doing well now, but I try to get down to see her as often as I can. "My" garden is at her house. I am also renting a room with a very wonderful lady near my school. We are working on her yard, and she has a lot of landscaping and planting that needs to be done. Mostly shade, but some sun. Lots of deer!

Garden Themes:
Mini Gnome Garden
Edible Ornamentals
"Weird" Garden for the nieces & nephews

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(Joy) Hempstead, TX(Zone 8b)

My DH and I live on a small (30 acre) farm northwest of Houston where we raise sheep and I train dogs for a living. We have somewhere between 70 - 100 head of crossbred sheep (I am not sure I keep falling asleep when I count them), 20 Blue Swedish ducks, 11 Sebastopol geese, 4 show cattle, 6 Border Collies who keep everyone in line, 5 livestock guardian dogs, 2 barn cats of questionable origins, 1 ancient Jack Russell terrier, 1 Hahn's macaw, and 1 Maine Coon kitten named Daphne Greengrass who has big shoes to fill.
I have two sons, one who just got back from Iraq and one who is a freshman at college. I love to cook, garden, read, and do most anything outdoors.

Our farmhouse is a 1910 model and we have gutted, stripped, demoed, and started redoing EVERYTHING! We are doing most of it ourselves and it is a definite extension of my likes. My style is early eclectic. There are surprises and fun elements everywhere, all from my "stuff" hunts around TX while still maintaining the early simple farm period that it was built.Well, except for the sparkly chandelier over the 1800's harvest table, or the stained glass windows in the bathroom with a Victorian mosaic tile floor, or the claw footed bathtub that is my waterfall in the lily pond, or...


Rap music
Cutesy things
"Country" style things
Strong smells
Peanut butter


Repurposed things
Things from the heart
Sheep stuff (not cutesy, but cute is ok)
Whimsical metal art
Bird houses
Homemade things
Pretty bottles for my bottle tree
Wind chimes that sound great
Good food
Heirlooms Seeds
Antique Roses
Anything that blooms more than one week a year
Variegated things
Anything that attracts hummers, butterflies
Fun things that make you remember childhood
Unusual Christmas ornaments
Antiques/reproductions that are cool

Things I can't find, need or would love to have
Farfugium Japonicum Crested Leopard
Yellow Buddleia
Million dollars if someone has it lying around
Good potholders, mine are dying
Plant markers
Greener thumb

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Arnett, WV(Zone 5b)

Hello, my name is Cathy. I am very happy to join your group!!

My likes: I love animals. Cats are my fav's which is a good thing as we have 6. LOL All were rescues.
I like dogs as well. I do some painting as well as lots of crafts. I enjoy books especially about painting (animals out of rocks is my newest passion). I enjoy flavored teas and choc treats. yummy!!

I collect Cocker spaniel figureins. Angels ornaments for the tree as well As vintage glass ornaments( I love these). Thats the very first thing I look for at yard sales: wooden frames and ornaments!!
Recently I began collecting Japanese Maples. I think they are so graceful. Vintage beads, and costume jewlrey are another passion I have. Pins, Braclets anything sparkly and Im Attracted. LOL

I like snowmen, cardnials, and funny signs. Just about any plant, My very favorite's are Hostas and Daylilies. Spider and UF's are my favorite Daylilies.

I also love gardening Magazines!!!

Also in the garden I enjoy cats, frogs,mushrooms and gnomes all kinds of planters. I am considering buying a head planter from a member here on Daves. What do you ladies think:

I love it and begged for it for Birthday and or Xmas. LOL we'll see

My dislikes are few:

I dont like Vanilla scented anything I get horrible headaches. Any other fragrance is fine as I really enjoy candles. My favorite scent is Butterfly Flowers from Bath and body works. I also like the WallFlowers but again NO Vanilla.

I dont like flavored coffees.

I also love T-shirts and hoodies(xl) as well comfy socks.

I hope this gives you a small insight to me. I am really looking forward to getting to know more about you!


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Somerset, KY(Zone 6b)

Hi, My name is Mary or friends call me Marti. I am old enough to know better but don't do better. I just moved to Kentucky to help my sister and to retire from the rat race. Now I can spend my time gardening and painting rocks and gourds. I have 1 son and 1 grandson, both still in Calif, so I miss them terribly. (My grandson will be 3 yrs old the 29th of Jan.) I raised and trained horses for 20 years til a back injury put a stop to that. Did not injury my back on the horse, but in a fall in the yard. Darn!!!! I have two cats that came from Calif with me, they are "Ginger and Shorty", both rescued and good friends to me.

My likes: Well, I like lots of things, but right now anything for the garden. I have almost an acre to plant and am on a limited income, so I except any and all things for the garden.
I like music, no rap or current rock & rolls. I like old time rock & roll, smooth jazz, and some country/western, esp old country/western.

I like herbal teas and warm socks, good mystery books and anything native american.

I don't like coffee (I'm allergic to it), most perfumes give me a rash or the sneezes, I don't like 8 legged crawly things that make webs.

Well, I guess that's about all for now.

PS: I would like a Chocolate Vine.

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Tulsa, OK(Zone 7a)

Hi all, likes & wants brugs., iris , daylillies. love all animals, chocolate, weird weird plants, hummers, cardinals, hot air balloons, birdhouse, angels, ladybugs, windchimes. old old old cookbooks love cookbooks. just anything nice , crafty or ??

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Henderson, NC(Zone 7b)

Hi hope. I'm with you...will not attempt to write all the things I like. I love people and like anything the people care enough to pick out for me.
Edited to say I'd rather have 1 nice thing than a box full of $store stuff.

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Tulsa, OK(Zone 7a)

Faye your a sweeti..i love so many htings to but..

Marti i love horses . the rock was so pretty gourd so cute you do a great job. income i know how hard it is.. blessings..

(susie) Hastings, MI(Zone 5a)

Well I Will stay with the group As Long as you all Know I'm Into Gardening More then Frilly things
So Please Try to stay with in the wishes :) & I Will Do The same for you .

I'd Love a FLAT Stone From your Yard PAINTED With Your Usersname & The date sent DON"T Need the stone painted :) Just paint your name on it :) & Maybe a Plant If it will fit :)


If You Want to share any plants These are the the main ones i love to collect .



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Port Vincent, LA(Zone 8b)

Hi I'm Debbie (drapelady). I make custom drapery and fabric accessories for the home.(bedspreads, pillows, etc) I started gardening in 2007 and I love it and have grown to love my gardening buddies here on Daves. I'm not at all picky and I am blessed when someone sends me something from their heart.

These are some of the things I love......
I love to paint using acrylics and outdoor paints like the small bottles from plaid paints or walmart

I am, with Juanita's help, learning to love to paint decorated eggs. Bisque eggs, paper mache eggs, real egg shells,wood eggs. I will be starting my egg collection this month hopefully. I also want to learn to do pysanky eggs.

1" or 1 1/2" dollhouse(or any)miniatures, to place inside of my carved out eggs.

I love Garden Art (with a passion) and garden stakes (signs), butterflies and things on sticks, etc. that I can stick in my pots or flower beds so I can still have color when the plant is not in bloom

I love bird houses. I have started a bird house collection and hope to have them all over my garden one day. Not fancy. I make them, paint them, buy them a lot at Hobby Lobby when on sale :)
Bird feeders, wind chimes, pretty planting pots
I love white picket fences and arbors (guess that's comes from living in the South)
My favorite color is pink, but I also love pinkish reds, purples and very light yellows and blues. And of course white.
I love all plants, my favorite is Iris'(soft pinks, lavendars, very lite yellows), oriental lilies and bougainvillea's, caladiums, coleus, Hibiscus, tropical's, any zone 8b seeds and bulbs

If I have a choice between perfume or garden art it is. LOL

Dislike ugly characters, hate snakes, gargoyles, lizards,etc, Halloween
Dislike angel garden art
Dislike orange or orange yellow anything
Dislike flavored coffees, guess because I am so used to dark,strong, Community coffee.
Dislike Strong scents ,tend to give me headaches, but I could smell Casablanca lilies and White ginger flowers all day.

My absolute favorite store is Hobby Lobby and starting Jan 1st,2010, they will have a website. Yeah.. shopping without the gasoline and the hour trip to town.:)

Thanks for letting me take part in your thread.

Ocean Springs, MS

Likes: Frogs, birdfeeders and birdhouses, anything for butterfly/hummingbird gardening. Just started collecting things for fairy garden. I cross stitch and love sequin/beaded appliques for clothes. I love any kind of plant, ornamental grasses, pond or bog plants, but have become addicted to african violets! Have a Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer collection. Love Noah's Ark items.

Orange is fav color.
Citrus and cranberry are fav scents.
Kitchen/bath colors - blue, green, and yellow. Living Room is decorated with birdhouses and neutral colors.
Collect rocks and petrified wood!
Like Unusual planters or anything that could be used as an unusual planter.
Would love a lava rock planter or carved wood planter.
Love hanging pots or orchid pots (have a few orchids).
Just started a bottle collection to make a bottle tree for my little boy.
Bug spray and hand lotions are greatly appreciated!

Have 5 children. 4 live with me (Destiny 26, Journee 13, Chase 12, Trais 10) and my soldier Colt is 22. We love to play board games and do painting/wood crafts together. They love starting veggies and fruits from seeds (no luck on getting the fruits to grow much larger than the seedling stage). Have grandson Liam who is 1 1/2 years old.

Foods/Beverages: I eat almost anything (especially sweet things)! Love regular coffee, cappucino mix, and flavored hot chocolate mixes. Love homemade jellies, jams, and gifts in a jar!

love, julie

Hanson, KY(Zone 6a)

Guess I've put this off long enough, so I better get on with it... I would like to say though...that any gift I receive from one of you ladies....will be perfect!... whether it fits my color scheme of things or will be loved and cherished....simply because you thought enough of me... to send me a gift!

I am a avid rock hound and simply adore rocks! My husband is quite serious when he says, he could give me a box of rocks for Christmas and I would be just as happy as if it were a diamond ring!
I am borrowing this idea from our very own deejay. Great idea Susie!
I would love a rock from each of you with your name or username and the state that you live in... written on the rock.
If you don't want to mess with writing it on the rock...I can do it after receiving it.

When we go on vacation... my husband gets on to me because when we have to stop to eat or make bathroom stops along the way....I always try to find a rock to sign and date and add to my rock garden. The bigger the better...I like them to be at least baseball size but have many that are smaller....he swears I have the car dragging the pavement on my side by the time we get to where we're going! (LORD help us when we go home...but there's just so much space to fill up in those suitcases.... I pack the freshly washed laundry in trashbags!!!!)LOL

The colors in my house are mostly mixtures of mauve, burgundy and hunter green. I love most all scents especially any berry, apple &spice or melony flavors. My kitchen is done in Roosters & Chickens.

I collect way too many things to list them all but.... here are just a few....old or new.... hankerchiefs, doilies, old or new costume jewelry, old toys and board games of any kind and any toy catalogs (new or old), indian arrowheads or artifacts of any kind (broken is fine...most of mine are broken).....I'm always on the look at yardsales and at the salvation army store for any old or new books or magazines about the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Gang .

I love garden art of all kinds, need a new watering can, always need garden stakes(made from mini blinds is fine), gloves, any small packets of miracle grow, messenger..... or any other fertilizer or growth additives for my plants would be wonderful.

So you see I'm very easy to doesn't have to be new to thrill me. Anything you send will be perfect and cherished!


(Chris) Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

I recently moved into an upstairs apt, so I have no outside garden at all now.. so it's coming inside. :) The landlord says I can't paint the walls..they are ALL a white color..but I can fill the rooms with color.. so the kitchen is being done in bright reds and deep yellow (No Apples please LOL) Anything bright and cheerul would be wonderful.. I love Blue Jays, Cardinals and Hummingbirds, so those are being incorporated into my new place.

My Likes: I love garden art, cardinals and blue jays, windchimes! I adore the Willow Tree figurines..I only have 4 so far (Thank You, Friendship and Angel of the Garden..and one I recently received from Dahtzu, Faye..I don't know the name for her, but she's holding a little dog in her arms). I do scrapbooking, so any supplies are always favorite supplier is K&Co..I love their embellishments :)

For the new indoor garden I would love to have any unique planters, (I love rustic or bright colors) I would love to start getting some cool rocks too! I moved here from Okla and it wasn't until I got to unloading things that I realized that I left two very special rocks back there :( I enjoy nuts and other salty snacks. I collect ceramic cat figurines.. I would love starts from any of your houseplants that you'd like to share..or any outdoor plant that I might be able to convince to live in my home LOL. I don't have much sunshine due to trees, so a plant that loves shade would be great :)

My Dislikes: not many things.. lol.. candles that smell like food ..always makes me hungry :) Can't eat chocolate..would rather have salty stuff :) Don't drink coffee..I like Pepsi for my caffeine.

I'd love gift cards from Walmart, Lowes, Menards, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Collections ETC, any neat online store (but not necessarily for seeds..that I'm cutting way back on), Oriental Trading Co. or any restaurant too!

I subscribe to Birds & Bloom, Birds & Bloom Extra, Reader's Digest, and Creating Keepsakes. I would love any USED magazines or books that are about indoor gardening, houseplants or container gardening.

Ok, that's it for now...I may come back and edit some more :)
BUT as Jane said..anything I receive will be loved's the thought that counts and I just plain enjoy getting gifts :)


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Dellroy, OH(Zone 6b)

Taking myself off the list

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(Anita) Fort Wayne, IN(Zone 6a)

My likes:

I love everything!

I love hummingbirds and butterflies
Most bulbs/flowers that attract HB and butterflies
Sun Dials
Unique garden items
Abstract/Comtemporary decor
Earth colors (brown, copper, sage and taupe)



Rushville, IN(Zone 5b)

I have know favorites or dislikes anything goes just have fun judy
I will be 72 have 17 grand children and 23 great grand children and these are my very favorites
Thank everyone at Daves for being so kind Judy

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Marilyn Glen st. Mar, FL(Zone 9a)

do you collect anything? do you like flowers? do you plant flowers or a garden? do you work in the yard? do you do any needlecrafts? uh,,,,let me think, got to get the brain functioning here.
You've got to have something you'd like to receive Judy?! :)

Rushville, IN(Zone 5b)

anything they want to send
my hobbies are quilting , making christmas ornaments for my kids , grandkids and great grandkids which keeps me busy and all my friends at daves thank you judy

Mount Vernon, OH

Because of family problems, need to drop out of birthday club. I hope those who have recv'd my gifts enjoy them. Do not worry about sending me anything. I enjoyed it.

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Nineveh, NY(Zone 5a)



LOVE SUNFLOWERS (especially lg flags)
GARDEN DECORATIONS (don't have many)
I could use a new pair of Fiskars =)
Jobe's Fertilizer spikes for Roses


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(Anita) Fort Wayne, IN(Zone 6a)


Gift certificates Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, Kmart, Dollar General, Walmart, Bluestone Perennials or any online garden store.

Plants, cuttings or seeds.
I absolutely love tropicals, EE, Musa, Hibiscus (tropical), Brugs, Alocasia
Hummingbird attractants
Newer variety of coneflowers - Tomato Soup, Tiki, Mac & Cheese

I like most houseplants:

Wandering Jews
Spider plants
Anything different with large leaves


No bulbs, please, they disappear from my garden

Summerville, SC(Zone 9b)

Hi glad to be here!
Frogs, Birds I LOVE Birds! I have 3 or 4 feeders and do not think its enough LOL! Dragonflies, Bulbs I would love some Iris or Lily Bulbs, natural smelling Candles or Sachets, doodads for the garden, wind chimes, and patio lights, natural bug repellents we live in Mosquito Central LOL! I am pretty eclectic in my wants and likes. I like just about anything and shop at Lowes, Wal-Mart and Target. I love the Nursery called Abide a While in Mt Pleasant SC too that is where I go to get my Heirloom Tomatoes and Whole Foods is cool to I picked up my Sorrel Plant there! I love Jasmines too the smell and the flower! I am in Zone 9 so can grow just about anything that is heat and humidity tolerant

Dislikes: Magnolia and Gardenias I detest the smell of them I think I am the only person who does I swear! LOL Tulip Bulbs ( Like them they just do not do well here)

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Rushville, IN(Zone 5b)

Hi everyone here is my list
any cotton yard goods from walmart if yours still has material
and a nice card please know more flower seeds my small yard
wont take many more I probably have fifty some plants right now if
the neighborhood cats will quit digging them up
will also like anything home made please dont
spend very much on me as I cant afford to spend much
Thank You All, sissy judy

(Bre) Sellersville, PA(Zone 7a)

I am sticking with my list (way way above) but I will add that I love gift cards!
Anywhere online, Walmart, Target, Lowes, Home depot, Kohls ~ anywhere!

(Becky) Gresham, OR(Zone 8a)

Hope everyone is having a Blessed Birthday I am almost 28....another Gemini May 27th
I would love any Plants or seeds I grow a lot of things I can eat, or that bring me butterflies or bees
I find homemade gifts are fun to make and receive.
Fav colors are purple, red, black, emerald green
Almost all my gardening is done in containers so the more pots and planters I have on hand the better.
I don't have many dislikes's the thought that counts after all
I have a list up a haves and wants at

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Tulsa, OK(Zone 7a)

Gardenchick i did not see yours for 27th only cindys and othe one form first of may or has it changed i did one or two besides cindys i think unless my mind has gone to been really sick but been watching i thought. ????

Leesburg, VA(Zone 7a)

Gardenchick are you joining the club???

Let us know. Contact our fearless leader Marilyn for details.


(Becky) Gresham, OR(Zone 8a)

I was trying to join the group. I have posted a couple of times and sent Marilyn a d mail
Hello everyone I have really been enjoying my time here on DG and my name is Becky.

Nineveh, NY(Zone 5a)

you need to post on the birthday club #35 thread. This thread is only for likes and dislikes. =) Welcome!


(Di) Seven Mile, OH(Zone 6b)

I sent Marilyn d-mail and signed up over on the BC #35 list.

I have more sun than shade but plenty of both.

Just about any perennial- I'm so easy!
voodoo sedum - trying to establish this still
butterfly weed
thornless blackberry
named irises other than purple ones
creeping thyme
spring bulbs
I've been wanting to try brugmansias

mason bee houses/tubes
garden gloves
gift certificate for Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Home Depot
coir liners for baskets -12/14 inch

DON'T want:
daylillies - I have plenty
nothing invasive
no fall mums

My favorite color is red and I love, love, love birdhouses and beehives.


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