Geranium Rozanne leaves curling in the sun

Flushing, NY(Zone 6b)

I planted a small specimen of Rozanne as my first geranium this spring. It has spread out to at least 18" so far and is blooming.

We had about 6 weeks of cloudy rainy weather after I planted it, but the past 2 weeks have been increasingly sunny. At this point I think growing conditions are especially good, with mostly clear skies but no serious heat. The plant is located where it gets about 4 hours of direct sun, mostly morning and very early afternoon, including some reflection from being near a white painted wall. The ground is mulched and the soil is moist.

What concerns me is that the leaves curl up pretty badly whenever the sun is on the plant. It really looks like it's withering away, then recovers once it gets some shade. I had to prune back one branch that was permanently damaged, but otherwise the plant looks good when it's shaded.

I'm wondering why my Rozanne seems to be having so much trouble tolerating the sun. It's mostly in the morning and the temperature today was only 75 degrees. All the plants in the same general area are newly planted this spring as well and they seem to be doing fine - even a couple that I thought might need more shade.

Deer Park, IL(Zone 5b)

I have this same plant (2 of them) and One gets a full days morning and early afternoon sun and the other full sun all day. Both do just fine and are thriving. I am in zone 5a Chicago. Perhaps your soil needs amending or more deep watering. Or quite possibly you recvd a mislabeled plant (this happens).

Norfolk, MA(Zone 6a)

Mine is doing the same thing - I was chalking it up to unusual drought and high temp conditions. My problem however is wondering why I did not get any flowers!

Hannibal, NY(Zone 6a)

Sounds to me like it's growing pretty fast. This is really not uncommon. I would say it will probably be fine after settling in over the winter.

If it doesn't, you may have to move it away from that wall, but I would suspect it will be OK next year.

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