spider mums

Saint Louis, MO

Anyone here have any spider mums or know of a business that sells the spider mum plants, seeds or cuttings? Also, what is a spider mum as opposed to a regular mum?
Thank you and blessings

(Zone 7a)

Hi Sherry,

Spider mums have petals that are rolled inward, so that they are thin and "spidery". There are many variations, and here are a couple of sources for them -

Hardy, depending on your zone - http://www.bluestoneperennials.com/b/bp/scan/fi=products/st=db/co=1/sf=ty/se=tm/op=rm/sf=ty_sub/se=mfo/op=rm/sf=disc/se=0/op=ne/sp=results_pics.html?ext_title=Football%20Mums - available in spring, which is best time for planting their small starts

Not so hardy, with perhaps some exceptions, as Bluestone's - http://www.kingsmums.com/

If I had a fancy collection of iffy not-so-hardy spider (or other exotic) mums from King's, I'd provide winter protection with a floating row cover (search www.google.com for those). Since these often bloom around November (with exceptions), I'd drape the cover over a frame built to the dimension of the mums so I could enjoy the flowers after fall frost. And I would also mulch (not on top of the crowns) after the ground freezes to help prevent alternate freezing and thawing from heaving the roots out of the ground, as well as provide a windbreak of some kind like a trellis on the windward side. Be sure your mums have good drainage. This is good to keep in mind, if planting late, too.

King's has a great essay with more information on the culture of these plants.

Hope this helps and that you'll keep us posted on what develops for you -


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