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Lakeville, hostas

Lakeville, MN

Our front garden has a zillion hostas. Some are variegated, some are humongous and some are a smaller variety. I need to pull many of them out as they are keeping my other plants from growing.
They also block our auto sprinkler.

If you want to come and dig them up you are more than welcome. They are all in very good shape and mature.

Send me a a d mail and I will let you know my phone number.

Help, I expect we will be overcome by hostas shortly!

Elk River , MN(Zone 4b)

I am interested and close by. I have sent you a Dmail. Art

Lakeville, MN

Art, I received your Dmail and hope to have more next summer. Mine get so big they cover up everything else.

I no longer have any to give away this year but thanks to the two folks who came and helped me by taking them.

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