Bumble Bees

Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

I noticed that Bumble bees are starting to enter a corner of our old shed that has a small hole at the bottom. At closer inspection, I started to see about 5-6 bees every time I looked, they were walking along the edge of the shed in the dirt and then others flying in to the hole. As they were walking, It seemed like they were gathering up some of the mud/dirt that is along the edge or doing some crazy walk/dance along-side the shed. Iíve noticed this for the past week. Iím guessing that there may be a hive at the very back of my shed but I am too afraid to go in and investigate. We have a very long and narrow shed Ė about 16 feet long. Is there anything I should be concerned about. Iíve always loved bumble bees and I donít think they are aggressive at all, but Iím not sure what would happen if I entered the shed near them. We were planning to clean out and replace the shed!
What to do now?

Williamsburg, MI(Zone 4b)

Bumble bees will usually nest in the ground, but they also have a penchant for insulation and spaces under siding. They usually are not aggressive unless bothered and it takes a lot to bother a bumble bee. If they are If you are going to remove and replace the shed, you have two options, eliminate the bees with spray or wait until it
is cold and do it them. Either way it probably means curtains for the bumbles. They don't move around at night when it's cool or on cool rainy days, so you might be able to check it out then.

The only time I have ever been stung by a bumble bee was when it crawled up the leg of my bib overalls and got trapped. The neighbors really loved the show of me stripping and dancing frantically in the garden. Unlike honey bees, they can sting several times, but the sting is very short lived. You couldn't even see them after an hour. (I waited till dark to retrieve my pants)

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