from annual to perennial, zone 7/8

Atlanta, GA

I've grown herbs for a few years now--several basil varieties and peppermint inside, tow potted lavenders, decorative oregano in the garden, and thyme, rosemary and several others. My rosemary always dies, so I've given up on that. But I can't get cilantro to grow either, and I can't seem to keep most things for more than one season! I have a small window basket (23") that gets afternoon sun; any suggestions what I should put there? And what's the deal with my cilantro?

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Are you zone 7 or 8? I am 8a and able to leave greek oregano, bay laurel and all the mints outdoors in large pots overwinter. I have two different types of rosemary in the ground. They are in a south sheltered location but have endured some temps in the teens for short times with no harm. The lemon balm has reseeded freely and I have three sturdy volunteer plants in ground that also come back each spring. Basils are annuals, lavender I have no luck with (we are too wet here). I've not grown cilantro but like par~cel and parsley ~ both are biennuals.

On your window basket, what is it made of? If it is a hayrack, you might want to line it with plastic before planting to aid in moisture retention. I like the looks of chives (especially the blooms) for an upright plant and for a trailer, maybe a thyme or pennyroyal to drape down. Just a couple of thoughts. pod

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