Columbia Ivy Sage first bloom

DeLand/Deleon Spring, FL(Zone 8b)

It's kinda puny, but the newer buds are larger/fuller...very pretty tho..I'm using it as ground cover. The one that's getting more sun is blooming first. I planted several in different locations as it is supposed to want alot of shade, but...first to bloom gets some direct sun on/off thru out the day.

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London, United Kingdom

Is this the rampant, ground-covering Salvia scutellarioides? Flower close-ups look slightly different. This is very common throughout Ecuador and Colombia.

Please bear in mind that the South American country is ColOmbia and not ColUmbia.

Sorry to seem picky, but this error frequently occurs.

DeLand/Deleon Spring, FL(Zone 8b)

ok, well, this is the info I got w/ the seeds. ColUmbia Ivy Sage, Salvia petiolaris/, if it's "rampant" well, it's doing what I want it to do at this point. And it's easily pruned back. Can't tell you about the flower as this is the first bloom I've had. I find it charming....and if it sneaks past where it belongs, I have not only a very sharp pair of snippers, I have several lawn mowers. Unlike some of you, I'm no "expert" but I love trying new things, and sometimes it's a flop, sometimes a nice surprise.

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Fallbrook, CA(Zone 10b)

I can't begin to tell you how much of the stuff I grow is what eveyone else steers clear morning glory, LOTS of it, but the rabbits eat it so it's no problem....feverfew, yes...centranthus ruber, lots of it...salvia verbenacea, yep...s. repens, yep, Mexican primrose, yes. I know people to whom 'reseeds' is a nasty word, to me it's wonderful free gifts. The only thing that found its way here on its own and that I will pull every last bit of it out is Periwinkle /vinca. Very beautiful if I only wanted that and nothing else....

DeLand/Deleon Spring, FL(Zone 8b)

I have that variegated vinca in a huge hanging basket about 7 feet off the ground. When it gets to a few inches of the ground and take a big pair of garden sheers gather it all up in one hand and give it a "hair cut". I love it..and have found an easy way to contain it's enthusiasm !

Fallbrook, CA(Zone 10b)

Yes, I have the variegated vinca also, though not much and I'm going to do the same with it. Probably do the same with the regular vinca also...when I get around to is beautiful used like that. A friend had a couple in huge wire baskets and I don't have a spot where I could hang them that large, but I could do a smaller size.

London, United Kingdom

Pretty sure that it is S. scutellarioides. If you like really rampant Salvias....try to find Salvia procurrens (a hardy thug), and Salvia cinnabarina, (a tender thug.)! Some guaraniticas are extremely invasive, and have been known to displace paving slabs.

Also, S. tiliifolia, and S. subrotunda can drop millions of seeds!


Fallbrook, CA(Zone 10b)

lol...I have room for all of them...I'll just turn them loose.....I had cinnabarina, don't know where it went. The guaraniticas have been planted where they can spread as they want and, well, I'm sure the hummers will love them all. We have some pretty happy hummers.

DeLand/Deleon Spring, FL(Zone 8b)

roflol...well, yes...I do actually kinda like the wild and wooly ones. I grow alot of things that would not be welcome in polite gardens. Vines, lots of vines, Butterfly plants/hummer plants...I have an area that we just mix the seeds up and throw them out there...what comes up does, what reseeds does...what gets too pushy gets pulled.
I imagine I'll have less of a problem with the ColOmbia Ivy sage than sayyyyy the ever popular Coral Nymph, which is indeed an enthusiastic re seeder !

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