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Training grape vine to harbor, should I move it first?

Roswell, GA

Hi, I have a newbie question that I hope someone can help me with.

I planted a Mars grapevine this spring, and a couple of weeks ago my father in law built an arbor for me. Problem is, my planning was a little off, so the grapevine is planted about 2 feet from the closest arbor post.

Should I move the grapevine closer to the arbor in the fall? It has been growing beautifully and it is about 4 feet tall, growing on a bamboo that is resting on the arbor post.

One more question please, from all the reading and research it seems that it is ok to prune now in mid summer to remove the side shoots and encourage the main trunk to a higher height. Am I correct?

Thank you in advance for any help and advice

Roswell GA Zone 7

Glen Ellyn, IL(Zone 5b)

2 feet isn't very far off. The vine won't have any trouble reaching the support.

Roswell, GA

Thank you so much for the answer, happy gardening!

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