Jersey Bull Calves

Ames, NE(Zone 5b)

I'm get a couple Jersey bull calves shortly...
I have to get pasture fence back up..
They are weaned & on feed..
Any suggestion on proper amount of grain feed..
I have a bale feeder..The little pasture I have is to small.So the bale feeder will solve that problem...Plan on getting a bale of alfalfa..

I plan on getting Calf-Manna..Will put this on top of grain..

A meneral lick block

If I'm missing something please tell..


southeast, NE

Hi Tubby - are your calves going to be castrated? Are you going to feed them out to eat? Word of caution (and you may know this) Jersey bulls can be "honery". I see you are from Nebraska. We have found the Coop sales people are excellent sources for feeding. RIght now our cows/bulls are strickly on pasture with a mineral block. When they are not on pasture we give them a ground alfalfa/silage/ethanol distiller byproduct combo. And they get prairie hay on the side.

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