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Bugs in my zucchini

Clifton Hill, MO

I have the gray bugs in my zucchini and already have one plant that has died. I saw in one of the forums here that they used Murphy's Oil Soap but couldn't remember what they used it for and wondered if I could use that or if that is used for something else. Thanks for all the help I get on here!

Nashville, TN

I have the same problem in Tennessee -- the light gray bugs with black legs (whose bodies are sort of the shape of attack starfleet ships in Star Wars) have already killed two gorgeous big plants and are headed for the third. I tried spraying Neem on them. They apparently are unfazed. Help! I'm looking for an organic solution -- if one exists.

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Are they squash bugs?

Nashville, TN

Yes, I looked at a picture and they are squash bugs.

Snellville, GA(Zone 7b)

The only way to get rid of stinkbugs aside from hand picking, which is tedious and not very effective,is to use the pesticide Malathion. I know alot of organic folks will gasp at the idea of using it there is no other alternative that will rid these buggers.

Hyderabad, India

Well, I donot recommend any kind of pesticide on plants especially on fruits and vegetables. they are not only harmful to the plants but also to those who eat them. Since the purpose of these products is to kill pests, you can bet that many of them have ingredients in them that are also harmful to humans. For example, the active ingredient in Round-Up—a weed-killer popular with gardeners—is known to cause kidney damage and reproductive harm in mice. And cypermethrin, one of the active ingredients in the popular ant and roach-killer Raid, is a known eye, skin and respiratory irritant and has negative effects on the central nervous system. Read more about chemical fertilizers here:
Why don't you think about an organic solution the plants.

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

I've read that they don't like fire, so one poster on here uses an Aim & Flame type thing to chase them away from her veggies. You could give it a try and see if it works! LOL

Clifton Hill, MO

Does anyone have the organic solution to bug problems in the garden?

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

There are several types of solutions and it depends on what kind of bugs you have.

Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica(Zone 11)

The best "insecticide" that I have found is diatomacious earth. It is composed of the ground up shells of sea diatoms found in our oceans. When ground up they break into microscopic needle sharp shards.
Diatomacious earth works by cutting into and removing the protective waxy coating of insects. The insects simply dehydrate.
This powder is not harmful to man or animals and I commonly broadcast it by hand befora I found a hand driven machine that would expel the powder in a cloud. It has been very effective.

Saylorsburg, PA(Zone 6a)

I read that if you plant marigolds in a circle and then put the squash plant in the center of the circle that will help deter the squash bugs. It's on my list of things to try this summer! Can't vouch for it! Like the idea of the diatomacious earth but am careful not to use too much on the ground since I believe it will injure the earthworms if they go over it. I tend to use it in my Earthboxes or on my straw bales against slugs. Will try that also next summer with the squash - whatever works!! LOL

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