St John's, Antigua and Barbuda(Zone 10a)

I have a big pot of tarragon but am not really familiar with it's uses in cooking, is it a strong flavour?

Marlin, TX

How about you sending me a plane ticket and I'll come show you how to cook with your tarragon? We were in St. John's years ago--lovely, great people, and we have fond memories. Enough of my stroll down memory lane, on to your question.
Well, tarragon tastes like licorice, mild licorice. It goes well with fish and chicken. A cornbread stuffing made with tarragon is beautiful with Cornish hens. You can put a little fresh chopped tarragon on top of green beans or peas (don't cook it with the beans or peas as it will not be as attractive). I like to put fresh leaves with cantaloupe balls, with a honey/lemon dressing. Tarragon leaves also go well in a lettuce salad.
As you use your tarragon, other recipes and adaptations will occur to you. By all means, enjoy your big pot of tarragon!

St John's, Antigua and Barbuda(Zone 10a)

Texas Roses thank you so much, HD hates any herb with what he calls 'perfume' cilantro etc so I know not to put it into anything he likes, now me, I love all those perfumy things. He can't eat fish so I know how I will use it, it was so much easier to keep than parsley or thyme amazing!

Glad you liked St. John's, changing every day but the people and the beaches are sitll unspoiled

London, United Kingdom

Tarragon and lemon juice, is a classic recipe for chicken; either chicken breasts merinated in it with some black pepper, or a roast whole chicken rubbed with it and garlic!
It does have an Aniseed taste, that is why it is good with fish, but it is also good with pork.
I always add a bit when I make sage and onion stuffing, it just gives it that extra taste.
Tarragon butter is also very nice with Asparagus and some greens.
If you do not like Aniseed then you probably won't like it, I use it sparingly.
My wife puts it in egg mayonaisse, it goes well with eggs.
Regards from England.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Sue, we use tarragon when we smoke or grill pork. Take a few stems, soak in water for a couple minutes and lay across the top of the meat. The heat releases the oils and gives the meat a light flavor with a great aroma.


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