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Bog Terrariums

New Carlisle, IN(Zone 5a)

Has anyone done a bog terrarium? I'm thinking about constructing a 30 gallon setup to replicate the ecosystem of a nearby bog.

Any tips or links to share?

San Antonio, TX

SteveS - This forum unfortunately is veerrrryyy sloooooww - sorry to say

I have a vivarium I bought about a month ago so I'm pretty new at it myself but I'm loving it. You might try the GardenWeb Terrarium Forum which is a little more active but not much. It's been around longer so there are more topics and a gallery which you might find helpful. My vivarium is a 30 gal. Oceanic 'Cube', nicely done with one Blue Poison Dart Frog. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Bolingbrook, IL(Zone 5a)

Actually I have been searching through the forums for someone that does bog gardening. The back of our yard always accumulates about 6 inches of water when it rains. It is fixable I think but not without lots of money that we do not have. So, I was thinking about planting some bog plants there but I only thought of this solution a few days ago so I am still researching it.

Chicago, IL(Zone 6a)

And the variety of plants for bog gardens is endless. From carnivorous plants to orchids. Something for everyone.

And these are just a few sites. The web is actually full of plans, suggestions, plant lists and such for bog gardens and terrariums.

Hope that helps.

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