First Deer Hunt - advice needed

Huntersville, NC

yes this is my first.
have completed Firearm Introduction and Safety classes.
and Rifle Marksmanship. (was pretty good too!)

recently learned the group is planning a Deer Hunt
- they say, "Sure Come On With Us!"
- but anyone care to share newbie advice??

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Doniphan, MO

What do you need or want to know?

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

My advice is to have an experienced hunter (that knows the area and the deer habits) go with you on the first hunts. That person can guide you along your first day.

Have proper clothing for the weather to be comfortable and quiet.

Enjoy the woods and have a good time. Deer hunting is mostly seeing everything but deer.

Never shoot unless you have a good shot. Deer are tough and can live a long time badly wounded.

Huntersville, NC

- yes i agree! that is what i explained to my firearm & rifle instructors:
I may be interested in Hunting - not trekking (to find what should have been a kill!)

yes we will have experienced hunters and good locations.

possum6 - the problem of not knowing is that one doesnt know what they dont know.
if that makes any sense
im going with this group:

these folks have been just the best !!
but a week long Hunt is truly a new reality for this city slicker.
just wanted to Be Prepared
. .. im just now sure for what.

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

You will have a great time.
It is easy to get frustrated when you do not see deer, but in one second, a boring hunt can turn out to be incredibly exciting. Have fun and let us know how you do.

Lakeland, FL

Here's a few tips..

A deer's senses are 10 times sharper than yours so keep movement and sound down to a statue..

You need to be at least 14 foot high if using a climber..thier sense of smell is what saves them..

If you have mosquitoes you may need to invest in a Thermocell..I use mine in Florida..

I also use glow in the dark trail stand is a mile deep into a swamp..I wear a head lantern and carry an extra in case it goes out.

If you are not totally aware of your area..bring a compass.

I carry an extra truck key hidden under my truck ..I'm 36 miles from my home..

Don't forget your skinning knife and plastic gloves ..

if you are in a tree stand..wear a safety harness..stuff happens..

If you will be carrying a cell phone ..shut it off when hunting.A deer is not that easy to get..They have my total respect as being one of the sharpest animalls alive.
I hunt in a heavily pressured WIldlife Management Area...To see a deer is very harvest outstanding.

Good luck,

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

Great advice. I hunt from my home and kind of forget that everyone is not that lucky. I liked the extra key thing. You are good.

I have noticed over the years (walking in the woods every day) When I see deer, they do not really see me if I do not move. If I am further away, I can walk straight towards them and they still will not notice. Move arms, or move sideways and it is white flags all over.

Humans are kind of like that too. We see deer moving (a swish of the ear or tail) better than them standing still.

They will stop and stare at something really different in their living room though. That new blind, or a quad etc, or even a head in a blind that has been up for a while. I will put a dummy head in a permanant blind. It works.

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