moon flowers

Sarnia, prov. of Ont, Canada

was recently given a plant said to be a "moon flower". did everything that a moonflower is supposed to do. problem is, it isn't Dutura or Ipomoea. in fact, it looks like a giant dandelion (12 - 16 inch leaves). flowers are yellow. any one know the name of this creature?

Jackson, SC(Zone 8a)

pics would be great. daturas can come in yellow and the foliage on some look like dandelion foliage.

Sarnia, prov. of Ont, Canada

evening primrose .... thank you!!!

Kansas City, MO

It's a shame no photos ever showed up, because from the description it doesn't look like a moonflower or a variety of it. But it could be any other flower or a similar one. It would have been interesting to know.

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