I brought everything in, including...

Tilton, NH(Zone 4a)

Some plants that I am not sure will be happy in here! I'll tell you what I've done, then if someone could give me some advice I would appreciate it. I brought in my house plants - a huge christmas cactus, and a little croton - and then I had to move some thyme, so I thought I'd try it indoors, and some basil and marigolds I knew would die soon anyway, and some chamomile I was not sure was hardy here, and some hens and chicks that spent the summer in pots. Well, as you can tell, I got carried away! My problem is that even though I have lots of windows, my south-facing ones are shaded by a hemlock wood that comes right up to the house. I have decent east exposure, and I have my rosemary and a pot of basil and marigold hanging in the northeast corner of the house, with windows on two sides. Should I try putting a gro-light over the majority of my plants? Would it be better to move some to the west side of the house, in front of a sliding glass door?



Hi Cedar' My concern is did you spray them good with insectacidle soap,"Bugs"????

I leave my hen/chicks outside all winter'You might bury the pot,one less inside' Mine had several inches of snow cover last winter and survived. Your call though'

As for light,wouldn't hurt' I have timers on mine' If I'm away,no problem,then plants don't suffer'As for answering to the west side of the house,depends on your light and wind factor. Wind(winter)can kill easily. Perhaps another will chime in with some help' Good luck,Sis'

New York, NY(Zone 6a)

I suggest that you keep your Xmas cactus outside until night temps fall below 40 degrees. The cool temps and naturally dark nights will do wonders for producing lots of flowers.

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