And now a rooting question...

Cocoa, FL(Zone 9b)

Kaneohe Sunburst stick. Planted June 1 here in FL. Same manner as all my other sticks (now in all stages of leaves and inflows...)

This poor guy. No leaves, nothing. Well, there appears to be little leaf buds, 2 of them, about 3 days ago. Now those buds are black and shriveled up.The stick even seems a bit "smooshie" and wrinkly. It came a bit "wrinkly", but now appears moreso. So I dug it out of its pot, and took a photo. My questions:

1. Why?
2. Do I need to cut the tip end off that was in the medium and let it dry some before replanting?
3. Same planting system when replanting? Superthrive, then Rootone?
4. Any chance at salvaging?

Thanks for your help. Not discouraged b/c all my others are doing so well. maybe it is the Kaneohe Sunburst-is it difficult?

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Cocoa, FL(Zone 9b)

another view

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Naples, FL(Zone 10a)

Kaneohe Sunburst is a reluctant rooter.
My recommendation at this stage is to spend $5 on a priority mail tube and send it to Florida Colors in Homestead to be grafted.
Good luck!

Yuma, AZ

Sorry about your problem...I agree with Hetty send it to Luc at FCn for grafting unless you can do it yourself. If you do send it I would cut it until you get rid of all the rot...that way it doesnt continue to rot in the mail.

Cocoa, FL(Zone 9b)

good point. I took some cuts from the base a while ago, and smelled it: stinky mold. I guess the soil is not drying enough for this stick. I am going to attempt to cut it until I don't smell stinky then try a drier mix of soil (more perlite,) b/c it was an inexpensive stalk (surprisingly)...may be why it was inexpensive...

Ventura, United States(Zone 10b)

You can see by looking at it how far the rot has traveled. Look for the discoloration and cut above it. I agree that only grafting is going to save it. It is too dehydrated to root in time.

Yuma, AZ

Well if you are going to try to root it and not graft it(which would be better and is only $5 plus S&H) I would suggest that you, after cutting to all white wood, dip it in root horomone and let it dry for day or two. If it shrivels during the hardening process, soak it in warm water overnight and let re-dry/harden.

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