Amaryllis quandary

Bradford, United Kingdom

Well it's a quandary to me.
I have an amaryllis, and rather than forcing it, I am letting it do it's own thing. I move it in and out of the sun as it seems to need it (it's indoors I don't think the uk would be viable for it to be outside). Most years it flowers about february, this year it decided to flower a second time in June!!
I only have the one, but it decided to grow a seed pod and having read a lot of what's been written on DG, did not expect seeds to be viable, even if it set them. So here I am with a seed pod full to bursting with seeds and don't understand how it has manged to do this. Every one of them them has a discernable bump in them so I assume they are viable. Is it self fertilizing? From what I've read they aren't. I'm including a pic of the flower...
How do I know which Amaryllis it is?
How has it made seeds?

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Milton, FL(Zone 8a)

Many Hippeastrum are self fertil.Plant the seed and enjoy the babies.They will not necessarily look like the parent .

Bradford, United Kingdom

Don't worry I did plant the seeds first. Well floated them. I thought if I used the water method I'd be able to see what was happening.

Mesa, AZ

Congrats on the second blooming. Just means your bulb is quite happy!

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