Cocoa Tree Help

Saint Petersburg, FL

Is anyone here growing cocoa? If so, do you have any experience getting it to set fruit?

Mine has one bloom on it, and more on the way. I'm thinking hand pollination is the way to go, but I'm wondering if there's any tips or tricks specific to Cocoa anyone can share?

Keaau, HI

Theobroma cacao is naturally pollinated by small flies known as Midges.

To attract small fruit flies and such around your Cacao trees they should be surrounded by mulch and not a lawn.

I mulch my trees and toss Banana peels, Citrus rinds, and other fruit waste around them to help attract pollinators.

Also give your trees lots of potassium.

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Saint Petersburg, FL

Thank you!

I've got very little lawn, and plenty of mulch, but I think I'll take your suggestion and feed it some Orange rinds and banana peels.

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