This forum needs a sticky thread.

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

We've had a suggestion at the helpdesk to create a sticky thread on this forum with helpful links and advice.

Would you all help by adding helpful thread links here at DG and whatever you can come up with on how to care for these plants.

We will take links from other sources as well, but we need to be careful, as sometimes websites shut down or move and then the link goes dead.

Most of the other forums have sticky threads, and they are such a wonderful help to newbies. We really need to have something in place here as well.

Just add the links here on this thread and I'll create an informational sticky from it.

Huntersville, NC

I'm a newbie to both Ferns and Dave's Garden but found this information from the Hardy Fern Foundation


American Fern Society
"The American Fern Society is over 100 years old. With over 900 members worldwide, it is one of the largest international fern clubs in the world. It was established in 1893 with the objective of fostering interest in ferns and fern allies."

British Pteridological Society
"The British Pteridological Society was founded in 1891 and today continues as a focus for fern enthusiasts. It provides a wide range of information about ferns through the medium of its publications and other literature. It also organises formal talks, informal discussions, field meetings, garden visits, plant exchanges, a spore exchange scheme and fern book sales".

The San Diego Fern Society
"This site was designed to provide an international source of fern-related information for the fern hobbyist."

The Los Angeles International Fern Society
"Formed to provide a source of information on ferns, arrange for people to study ferns, and encourage the use and enjoyment of ferns in gardens and patios."

The Fern Society of Victoria Inc
"The Society was formed in 1979 and has a membership of both professional and enthusiastic amateur fern growers."


Celebrating Wildflowers, US Forest Service
Celebrating Wildflowers is dedicated to the enjoyment of the thousands of wildflowers growing on our national forests and grasslands, and to educating the public about the many values of native plants.
* The aesthetic value of plants - a field of wildflowers is a beautiful sight
* The recreational value of plants - picking berries is fun for the whole family
* The biological value of plants - native plants support other life
* The medicinal value of plants - chemicals from plants help combat sickness
* The economic value of plants - plant material such as floral greens are commercially valuable
* The conservation of native plants - protecting and maintaining native plant habitat

Great Plant Picks
Great Plant Picks is an educational awards program committed to building a comprehensive palette of outstanding plants for Pacific Northwest gardens. Awards are based on the combined expertise of over forty horticulturists from Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. Great Plant Picks originates at the Elisabeth Carey Miller Botanical Garden in Seattle, Washington, and provides a forum for sharing horticultural information with the wider gardening community.

Hardy Fern Library
This extensive site focuses on identifying hardy fern species.

German Fern Group
This special interest fern group is within the Gesellschaft der Staudenfreunde e.V. It was founded in 1998 and has 50 members today. It is a forum both for enthusiastic beginners and the owners of some major fern collections worldwide. The group publishes its newsletter the FARNWEDEL several times a year. It offers advice and information about dates and events along with interesting professional articles. Once a year the group holds an annual meeting at varying places in Germany as an opportunity for lively discussion an plant exchange between the group members as well as visits to fern gardens and natural habitats. In advance of the annual meeting a list of ferns, spores, and accompanying plants ( both on offer an being searched for ) is distributed among the members an other interested folk to enhance the exchange of plants and seeds.

Additional Information coming.

Huntersville, NC

Here is a general DG 'Fern' search:

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noonamah, Australia

This is a page of links to fern related sites and seems to be kept up to date:

(Sallie) Cherry Vall, IL(Zone 5a)

I found a good site for identifying fungi this morning. It has some good visual search tools.

Grants Pass, OR(Zone 8a)

Nice link. :)

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