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SOLVED: Zucchini/Pumpkin Hybrid?

Chelmsford, MA

Looks like I have a Zucchini and Pumpkin hybrid. I compost and have one growing out of my compost pile and one out of my Asparagus patch (I throw a lot of compost in that area in the spring). Can anyone confirm this to be true (having seen one before)? I have more pic if interested. The plant itself looks like a zucchini, not running much but the fruit looks more pumpkin like.

How large should they get? Should I let it grow out like a pumpkin or pick it early like a zucchini? The bigger one on the right is pretty good sized - about 3-5lbs.

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Thumbnail by kevinb23
Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

Squash in the C.pepo group cross pollinate readily. It could be a pumpzinni or any other combination of summer or winter squash within that species. As for eating its your call. Most winter squash can be eaten as summer squash, but can be quite bland. If it is vining rather tha bush, it may have more winetr squash genetics. If bush then probably more summer squash. Try a small one as a summer squash, if that does not work out, wait for one to mature and try it as a winter squash. Often tho these crosses are not very good either way.

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