What causes mealy tomatoes?

Fairmont, WV(Zone 6a)

So far I've harvested 3 individual fruit...2 black from tula and one purple haze. PH was good, a little tangy, but the 2 BFTs were extremely mealy. Any ideas?


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Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

Pam, it's the age old question along with what makes the skins tough that I've seen asked ever since I started posting about gardening online in 1989, and there is no one accepted answer.

Most folks attribute it to weather but there's no consensus of WHICH aspects of weather, Sigh,


Livingston, MT(Zone 3b)

My experience with heirloom/OP tomatoes (only about 7 years) has found that the first one or two tomatoes off each plant have been mealy. It's been pretty consistent with every variety and every year. After that, they keep getting better and better and by the end of the season they are luscious! I better add that I grow in a greenhouse:)

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