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4 sick plants (tomato, cucumber, watermelon, zucchini)

Bellefonte, PA

Hi! =) Iím a pretty inexperienced gardener, and this year I find myself dealing with a big group of sick plantsóand I have no idea what to do! I need a visit from a veggie doctor. =) Any advice or suggestions (on what to do this year or how to prevent this from happening next year) would be greatly appreciated.

My garden: Since I donít have ground space, I planted a container garden. I used an organic potting mix (lightly fertilized) and a variety of containers. I planted seedlings in early June and have fertilized with a very mild mixture of fish emulsion twice since. Iím currently having trouble with my tomatoes, zucchini, watermelon, and cucumber.

Tomato: an indeterminate heirloom plant thatís grown very tall. I pinch back suckers and removed all leaves below the first fruiting branch. I have a few green fruit, some of which are quite big. In the past two weeks, most leaves turned brown and dry around their edges; it seems to be slowly spreading into the leaves. Just yesterday I noticed soft black spotsófungus?óforming on some of the leaves.

Zucchini: I know, who has problems growing zucchini?! I didnít until 2 weeks ago, when the older leaves of the plant began to yellow, droop, and drop very quickly. The younger parts of the plant still seem very healthy.

Cucumbers and watermelon: Iíve trellised both of these and they seemed quite healthy, growing faster than I could keep them trellised, until about 3 weeks ago, when the growth on both slowed significantly. It was at the same time they began producing fruit, so I assumed that was the reason for the slow growth. Then about a week ago both began to have some yellow leaves. Leaves that looked perfectly healthy in the morning would turn light yellow by the time I got home from work and would sometimes shrivel and turn black. This happened to leaves all over the plants, not just at the bottom or on one vine or something. Iíve removed these leaves as much as possible, but they keep coming and the plants seem less healthy.

As I mentioned, Iím looking for any advice I can get, at all. (Do veggie doctors make house visits?!) Thank you so much for taking the time to read and consider.

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Post this question over on the tomatoes Forum. You'll get a quicker answer. And one I'm interested in cause I got home yesterday and one a my tomato plants was turning yellow right smack in the middle of the plant, which is almost 5 ft. tall. I sprayed all my veggies with Ortho Garden Disease Control yesterday evening. We'll see how it looks this evening.

I'm gonna feed them with some fertilizer and Epsom Salts when I get home. May be just a nutrient deficiency going on. I'll mark this thread for watching.

Sorry, I don't know much about cucumbers or zuchinni. But, I'll get back to you, 'cause I need to grow some zuchinni next time for a friend who's got a bang up baking business and his zuchinni bread is in high demand. We're gonna strike up a deal if I'm successful growing it for him!

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

The zucchini might have a squash vine borer in it, if your area gets them. Check the stem of the plant near the base and look for a pile of sawdust looking stuff, or it just might be a string of sawdust looking stuff. The fresh stuff is a sawdust color. Once it dries, it turns darker. If you see this, then you have a borer inside the stem of the plant. You can decide if you want to try to save the plant by killing the borer or you can just pull the plant out and save yourself the hassle of doing it later on.

Also, how much are you watering, when are you watering, and what's the weather been like up there?

Missoula, MT

I am having trouble with my zucchini. The leaves are turning yellow and brown. The plant is still flowering and then makes little zucchini that turn into nothing. I don't think it is mold, at least it doesn't look like any pictures I have seen.

Thumbnail by blondfury

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