Tropical seeds to auction off- for seeds.

Fair Play, SC(Zone 7b)

Hello everyone. I have lots of tropical seeds all fresh and wanted to start a game to distribute them around and came up with a seed auction. I'm on the seed treding forum and the seed up for bid this auction is Running Postman-5 seeds and a 5 gallon BocaBob grow bag with coir. Normally you can bid ANYthing you like, but the newbies free seed supply has been getting thin, so I'm doing this one for veggie seeds. You bid vegetable seeds if you want these items, and also this week we're going to have a second place winner which will get 5 Running Postman seeds and a coupon for 15% off,to shop at Blustone Perennials,coupon is good until sept. 9th. If you are interested in having these prizes, go to the seed trading forum and bid. We're just having a good time meeting new people and every wednesday night and sunday nights, the seed up for bid changes. Last one was for 5 metalic blue PUYA seed and 5 Native redback Ginger seed. The winner of that one bid 50 mammoth sunflower seed. You don't have to be a paid subscriber or new to membership. Just got to go there and bid. Here is a Picture of a Running Postman in bloom.
Here is a thread to take you there.
Come on over and have fun. This week we are asking the bids be veggies but any other time you may bid ANY you would like- seeds or plants. Depends on how much you want the seed offered. Thanks everyone.

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