See what the EVIL vole did today!

(Zone 6a)

My poor garden is under the attack of a non-discriminating EVIL vole! So far heís taken out, a Morning Glory, Pot Marigolds, Dusty Miller, a Lily, part of my Sedum, heirloom Sweet Peas, Petunias and Iím sure thereís been more but I just canít recall it off the top of my head. However, todayís damage took the cake! Check out the carnage he caused! Thereís some window boxes on the ground along the fence that we put there since the garden isnít finished yet, anyways the stupid thing discovered he could climb into the box! Both boxes are mixed annuals that I grew and the one box had some nice vining petunias that were growing through a trellis with a clematis. He took out all but one petunia, I just checked and there is some stumps and leaves left but that's NOT the point! What does bring some comfort though is that we are putting barriers under the fences to keep plant munching varmints out of our yard, but until then this is what there is to deal with.

Thanks for listening to my rant,

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london England, United Kingdom

deep breath


and breathe

......... relax!

Bad voles go away!!

(Zone 6a)

Thank-you Terri :)

*takes deep breath*

I'm trying to root the petunias in some water so maybe they'll take.

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

I just spied this thread. Have you gotten any vole control? I have heard that they don't like urine. My mother in law actually poured urine down into the holes and she said they went away?
We have them at the cabin, but no problem for us as we dont' plant up there, so no need to treat them.

(Zone 6a)

This morning I realized there is at least 3 of them! Grr, and I'm pretty sure they're actualy feild mice but it doesn't matter as they're pretty much exactly the same. Our yard is currently half fenced in so we're planning on putting a barrier under the fences so all critters except the winged ones will be blocked out of our yard! HA! For now I've kind of excepted them even though they've taken out most of my lilies :( Thankfully they don't seem to like zinnias though....I guess it's maybe because they're rough and fuzzy.

I guess I could try the urine thing but I don't know where their hole is......and if I poured it all round the yard I'd be worried it would stink like pee :)

South of Winnipeg, MB(Zone 3a)

Note to self. Steve needs lilies. Steve! where have you been? I'm so sorry you are having all this trouble in your garden. That is so discouraging.

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

We have field mice and never saw them do such damage? Are you sure that is what you have?

(Zone 6a)

Hi Brenda! The voles are really beening a the last few days they took out all 3 'Honeybee' Asiatics :( They've also taken out both my 'Starburst' Tango Lilies some other asiatics and 1 of the 2 'Scheherazade' I put in this year. After the other fence gets put up and we install the barriers then I'll probably get some new Lilies.
I think I'll get some 'Casa Blanca's' once I starts building up my small collection again.
How's your garden going this year?

Candee, maybe they are voles after all then....I saw the mice/voles in my yard had tales, but apparently voles don't have tales..........but whatever they are they sure like destroying my plants!

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

I don't think mice would burrow under the surface like that, that is a trait of voles they burrow and move along trails just under the surface of the soil and that cause weakened (kinda potholes) when walking or riding over the surface of the lawn.

(Zone 6a)

I don't think these critters are least not yet. Ugh, scary thought! All the damage so far is above ground, so some of the lilies may come back but with all the chewed and exposed tissue along with all the rain and the fact that all their leaves are gone.....I'm not hoping for much.

But on the other hand, I just decided to move whatever annuals are worth saving out of the garden and into a container. The nasty vole has started attacking one of my cannas that I started from seed back in Feb/Mar and I will NOT let him destroy it!!! So the canna and the fireworks dahlias and a datura are getting lifted as soon as I have time to do it :)

Bordentown, NJ(Zone 7a)


Update on your vole problem?

We had them a couple of years ago and finally had to call the exterminator. He said they multiply so rapidly they would make rabbits blush. And just because all the damage is on the surface does not mean they are not travelling underground. They just surface for snacks.

Gardeners Supply sells a product that is supposed to drive them away. I have been told that mice in general don't like the smell of peppermint and I should put peppermint oil around. We had to resort to the exterminator's "poison in a box."


Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

now.........breath and chillax, better days are coming!

And the stuff is ecofriendly!!

Good bye grubs, no more moles, voles or holes!

(Zone 6a)

The voles have subsided for now or maybe it's just because they took out all the plants they like...........................actualy I don't think they have subsided that much as I found some dead yarrow the other day, darn it.

This year I don't really care any more but we'll be ready for next year with barriers up around the yard.

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

SW the voles dont eat the plants, they are rooting around the plants for the grubs they eat and its the rooting and tearing up that destroys the plants, but get rid of the grubs and the voles will vanish too.

Danville, IN

Don't get voles and moles confused. MOLES eat worms and grubs, doing plant damage when they heave the soil and expose roots, etc. VOLES do eat the roots and crowns of many plants, doing tremendous damage. You can have a grub-free garden, but a plague of voles. They do succumb to poison designed for voles. And one more warning: Voles don't hibernate in warmer zones, but keep feeding on roots and crowns of dormant plants, especially hostas, all winter long. You won't know until spring that they've been at it all winter! So, Steven, get them now while they are fattening up for the winter.

(Zone 6a)

Ugh, I have vision of a spring with no plants. We'll have to get something figured out now then before they destroy everything!

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Oh, thank you for that clarification! Yes, the voles, moles and dont forget the pocket gophers....ugh!

So sorry SW, you do have your hands tied with them... how about those traps that spear them? I know its cruel, is poisoning them and you would not want the poison to get into the wrong mouths if you have pets and kids etc!

Danville, IN

Mole (poison) traps are nicely contained and pretty pet-proof. The voles go into a box-like contraption that contains the poison.

However, Steven, did you say that whatever critters you have ate the leaves off your lilies (and other plants), or did they sever then at the base? Either way, the varmints could be rabbits.

(Zone 6a)

I know now that there is rabbits too! I went and did a check outside the otherday and the garden is full of bunny poo. This though, is the end of their game. In the spring I will put tiny holed chicken wire all around the yard under the fences to keep the critters out! We got rid of alot of the voles when we cleared out the garden in the fall and I made a special point of destroying their house! HA! I throughly enjoyed it too!

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

OOooOO! Bunny poo good for garden!

(Zone 6a)

Yuppers! And the soil here is terrible, we did a test and it had almost ZERO nitrogen, so the bunny poo should help alot! I think I'll rake it out and put a little topsoil on top to cover it over.

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Maybe you could catch the lil purp and put him in a cage and he can produce bunny poo in one spot on a pile, then you will have bunny beans galore. Yano, make a good think out of a bad situation?? Now swilly wabbit, dont eat the flowers! Heres a bowl of lettuce instead! But I gotta warn ya about rabbits.. they bite - been had myself! And yeppers... they know what 1+1 = and it aint 2~! Smart lil suckers must know alegebra!

I had 4 bunnies one time. After that it was all over. Some how 4 became 38 and that was in 40 days! I will not tell you what happend afer 140 days.

Im not sure whats easier chickens or bunnies, but bunnies are neater as far as the poo thing. I also have chickens. They know alegebra too.

Bunny poo can go on the garden straight especially if you have nitrogen issues. Its pretty harmless, wel or so I have experienced. But chicken dung,, whooohoo, that at reak havoc if over applied for sure. Alittle bird doo goes a very long way!

I have wild bunnies here. I can about reach out and touch them they are not afraid of anything. They hole up in my barn in the hay for winter and under my kennel and in the oddest places.

I cant say I have had issues with them. I find stray cats much worse and OMG the urine stench from a cat is just too much.

The worst pest I get is domestic stray ducks. They eat anything if its green and can chaw down a garden in no time.

(Zone 6a)

Ducks? I never would have guessed.................I would have though they ate bugs or something..........Bunnies are pretty tidy when it comes time to relieving themselves.........I found little piles all through the yard which all goes toward improving the soil. I have 2 bunnies inside and thats enough.....they're both spayed too so 1+1 = 0! The first rabbit I had bit me once and it is painful.....those teeth are sharp! She was pretty cute and very clever...knew that you couldn't see her once your back was turned!

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Yep ducks. Royal pain in the kazoo. What gets me is that the neighbor complains that they keep getting hit on the road. Now I gotta ask, what the frogs are they doing out ther to start with? Some people have no clue when it comes to taking good care of their pets. But no,they gotta make them a neighborhood nuisance. One day someone is going to swerve trying to avoid hitting them and end up killing themselves in her or someone elses road ditch and then there will be some moaning and groaning.

I have a friend who just suffered an accident because he thought it was smarter to miss the deer. Consequently, he hit a tree instead and unfortuneately for him, his airbags did not deploy. Got a ton of stitches in his head and said his neck was giving him issues. I told him, hed a been better off hitting the deer. It will move. The derned tree could have killed him. He said now he knows better. I know, no one wants to hit the animals, but when it comes to making that split second desision, you might not have a choice. I would be really upset if this guy got killed.

Awww! Do show the bunnies! I have been trying to capture my wild ones on pixel, but I always forget to zoom in and by the time I think on it.. they have hopped under or off somewhere!

(Zone 6a)

SO sorry to hear about your friend! Good to hear is OK though.
I cant stand peaople stray pets that wander through your yard and trample your flowers.......Or worse....people KIDS! Last year there was some little kid, maybe 4 or 5 years old, running through the backyards chasing a moth or something............THEN he stepped IN my garden. At that point I knocked on the window, he looked up, and I shook my head 'no' and he ran off. Heh heh heh. At that age you can still intimidate kids.

I don't ahve any pics of the wild bunnies but I'll show some pics of Bella and Coco :)
please don't mind the red eye.

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(Zone 6a)

that was Bella and heres Coco

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Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Awww! Bella and Cocoa are adorable!

Yep, people can be so uncaring. Ya just have ta ask where was that kids parents? Then they wonder why they get lost or worse. Parents are pathetic. They dump their children on others like we are not sopposed to mind. I prefer that they ask. I dont mind then!

(Zone 6a)

Oh thank you! They are lots of fun. Coco found a new spot on the carpet she decided she likes to eat....once they get something in their head they are very persistent! She runs from it when she shes me coming cause she knows shes not supposed to eat it.

You are so very right about kids and their parents! Thats why we put up a fence! I've also taken a new interest in thorny plants as a possible extra protection against tresspassers! No one seems to respect anyone elses property anymore. So we make sure our postage stap size backyard is secure.

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(Zone 6a)

And heres a view from the back door. Its amazing what you can do with a small garden and alot of plants in cotainers.

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Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

I wish we had a moat with gators. Your right, People have no respect. The proplem as I see it though SW, is some just got no blame respect for themselves and just get a kick our of harming others. They pollute and degrade and destroy and then they blame the other guy as if they are made to do it.. Oh I get it.. its our fault becasue we take pride and like things just so. And that becomes the attractive nuisance and they are like cocoa there going catch me if you can. They know better, but persist on making lives miserable. Its a game. they like to see how cruel they can be and see what they can get away with. Our society is such a mess. Its gonna take a miracle to shape it up.

Cocoa and young kids,, to an extend they actually do not know any better, but they are what they are. Gotta test their parents yano! Anything to rile up a neighborhood the folks! and to likewise get attention. LOL!

I think though really sometimes the kids are really wanting help. They really do know right from wronng, but they get the attention faster when they do something not so good. Could be they attention they need is totallly lacking at the home. So sad and so many parents these days are on the path to destruction.

Oh and then you try to help.. your the bad guy again. Whole derned world makes no sense.

(Zone 6a)

I agree with you again. The way people interact with eachother is very odd. I live in the city and if you pass someone on the street they don't make eye contact, they don't say hello. Theres just so many weirdos out there you have to mind your own buisness.
I think kids do do stuff just to get attention........

..............not to change the subject but right now coco looks like she might nod off for a little nap :) ............................

and they do test us....bunnies included!

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Shhh! Is she sleeping! Ok, now I just for to ask, how did you potty break a rabbit in the house?

Your right SW, the world has sure changed. Its a different world than wwwhen we grew up. People waved, helped each other made no bones about it and the thought oany lawsuit was not even there. Today people are sue happy. They cannot resolve their own issues and think that going to court is the be all end all to the problems. and really, what does that do? People are so material gimme gimme and not happy with what they have, and they think the grass is always greener on theother side of the fence.

The society is runned by stock holders not caring people that care about others. Only money. They got no morals, no regard and just want to leach.

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Oh, I get it .. its a surpize.. er is that a secret!

Jeez just took a look at my front yard an dlooks like the ponies got out.. piles everywhere.. darn that gopher.

(Zone 6a)

hahaha, no secret :) Its mainly repitition (sp?) each time they do #1 or #2 somewhere their not supposed to you put them in the litter box and say something like "Go in the box" and then they catch on. Theres a number of phrases I use "Go in" (means go in your cage" and I used to use "Go in the box" alot too. They even put words together sometimes too on their own! One time Bella wanted to come out but she was pooing out of her box so I said "Bella can come out if she goes in the box". After that she hopped in the box, went potty, sat there and waited for me to let her out!

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

LOL! Im sending my dog to you! She is a master at reverse phsc!

Shes pretty good about the P thing out doors...but I think she gets a kick out of watching the toilet flush after I have to clean duty of the carpet... Thank God the dog has good firm stools! But sheesh!

SHe knows what go in the box means... Im just sooo spoiled cuz our other dog was an asker to go out, shed come and paw me and whine. This one here, pawing is an announcement to clean the duty of the carpet. *sigh*!

(Zone 6a)

Oh man, sometimes animals are just to clever and/or stubborn. They know what they're supposed to do but insist on doing it their way......which usually means way more work for us!

The last time I did major clean duty was when Bella cut her foot on a basket. That was really nasty!

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Awww. poor thing! I just went through a rough year with our donkey.. He is a founder case. The flies love him to peices literally. They chewed his leg up royal and he had a horrible issue with them with a sore that was all the way around his leg. I thought we were gonna have to put him to sleep. I workedd on him daily applying a powder to his wound and he still has a scare, but least as its not raw like when it first came on. Gads insects can be so miserable to the beasts.

I darned near reserrected our old mare too this last year. Poor thing went through a spell where she was losing her teeth and had a terrible time to eating.. she is doing great now and infact getting too fat. Last year about the middle of February she lost a lot of weight andd got down to the point of emaciation.. then we got her on a special diet and shes back to snuff now.

(Zone 6a)

Blossom, you must be great with them animals! And it takes a certain type of person to be able to persevear with them and not just dispose of them as everything else is nowadays. It's good to hear you take such good care of them! Is there anything you can put on the donkey to keep the flies of? I know Bella and Coco are just rabbits but I'm very protective of my animals. A while back my sister was over and one of her girls(7 or 8) apparently tried to pick up Bella, I didn't see this myself but wasn't happy when I hearr. Rabbits need to be handled very gently. So next time they come Bella and Coco will be in their cage.

Clearfield, PA(Zone 5a)

Try using bag balm to keep the flies away. It works!

We had an outside dog that would get flies on her ears, bag balm is sticky and flies don't like it.

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

We use Freedom on the donkey for the flies. His wound though got treated with a drying powder. The powder has charcoal in it and is a blue powder. That poor creature.. he has what is called laminitis which is like a diabetes thing. It effects his hooves. they will grow at an incredible rate and if you do not watch him really good he can have issues really fast. Right now the donkey is overweight. He usually is. He is one of my more difficult "kids"!

I have had horses for over 30 years. Just when I think I know everything there is always something new to learn. Half my herd are oldies now. And now I am running into old age issues.. Metabollisms changing..teeth loss and weight problems. The older horses are a joy and are a lot of work.

I love animals and my hub is a farmer so we have raised hundreds of critters from sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, geese, horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, cows, the burro and others. Ive been a perverbial midwife.

Vasaline will work on outdoor dogs ears. Slop it on thick!

I just had an issue with fleas. For awhile we were doing ok. We had a commercial flea sooap and it worked great until they took it off the market. Then I was in a qwaundry. They still maded a sister shampoo, but it was not as effective. Well about a month ago I was almost out of that shampoo and was desperate to give the dog a bath, but was waitign on order the shampoo and only had very little left. I hopped on the internet and saw a homemade so called remedy for fleas and like Im going no way is that gonna work, but I happend to have the ingredients so I though I had nothing to lose... so whalah! I make the stuff up, give the hound a bath and we are now totally flea free. I swear if I ever get my carpet shampooer, gonna put that stuff in there and do it to it too!

Rabbits are pretty clean! I have known others with them in the house. We always hutched them though. Course having 40 bunnies in the house with a dog would have been insane!

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